SUMMIT, NJ - Caught In a time like no other in recent -- or even distant -- memory, community members find themselves engaged in behaviors that include practicing social distancing, wearing face coverings, washing their hands constantly, and celebrating achievements like getting their hands on disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer or toilet paper at the market.

They also find themselves ensconced in their homes, with their children home from schools and getting their educations remotely. 

While decidedly off axis of what was previously considered 'normal' and taken for granted, these adjustments are nothing compared to the challenges now confronting those who previously had dedicated themselves to dealing with everyday challenges faced by community members. Folks like SAGE Eldercare, the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad (SVFAS), GRACE, Summit Helping Its People (SHIP) and St. Teresa of Avila's Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry. Those organizations -- and the heroic individuals that perform their valuable works -- are now dealing with issues that put everything average folks are currently faced with in proper perspective.

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Summit's Other Fellow First Foundation (OFFF) has been working to raise funds for SAGE, the SVFAS, Loaves and Fishes, GRACE, and SHIP through a GoFundMe site that was seeded with a $25,000 donation from the OFFF.

Now, the Foundation and Peter Wallburg Studios in Summit are partnering to launch a 'Front Doorstep Family Photo' project to benefit these local organizations, each of which takes care of the most vulnerable in the Hilltop City. The goal of the initiative is to provide Summit families with an informal family photo to remember their stay-at-home experience and unique family time together over the last six weeks. There will be no charge for the photo session. Instead, participants are asked to consider making a donation to the GoFundMe fundraiser.

“This is a fun and safe opportunity for families who are now staying at home together to take a professional photo that will also positively impact vital community organizations,” explains Summit Mayor Nora Radest. “I hope that people will take advantage of this offer.”

Here is how the family photo service will work:

Families interested in participating are asked to contact Peter Kleinschmidt to make an appointment. At the appointed time, Peter will come to their home and take a picture of the family on their front steps -- while remaining at least 10-feet away.

Kleinschmidt says of the photos, “It will remind families in Summit to count their blessings and remember how lucky they are to be surrounded by loving parents and siblings in difficult times.”

Other Fellow First Director Brett Haire adds, “I hope it will also provide folks who have not yet contributed to the OFFF Summit fundraiser a reason to consider helping the most vulnerable members of our community.”

'Front Doorstep Family Photo' Details / Dates

  • Thursday, April 23, with Friday, April 24 as a rain date
  • Ten-Minute time slots between 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Families can show up as they are during this quarantine.
  • There are no dress requirements other.
  • Each family will be emailed an un-retouched cropped digital copy.
  • Each stop will take no more than five minutes and Peter Kleinschmidt will be photographing from at least 10-feet away. 
  • Peter Kleinschmidt will need confirmation of family email address.  

Those wishing to arrange a photo should contact Peter Kleinschmidt at with their preferred time / ten-minute interval. A confirmation email will be sent.

If a requested time is already taken, another time will be offered. Once all 45 times are taken, he will post on the Facebook page,'Summit NJ Happenings' that there are no more times available. Those interested are encouraged to sign-up quickly, and all should feel free to donate even if they don't want to be photographed.

Peter Kleinschmidt email:

Peter Kleinschmidt cell phone:  973-809-4449

Peter Wallburg Studios:            

Other Fellow First Foundation: