: Mommies 24/7, the new social network that has taken Hoboken by storm, is excited to announce plans to expand to nearby Summit. The new site should launch in mid-November.

The first ever Mommies 24/7 site in Hoboken has already attracted over 2,500 members since its founding in February. Moms of all kind visit the site for feature articles, profiles and local listings, and to connect online or live at regular events such as Family Fun Night or Mommies Night Out.

Mommies 24/7 founder Sarah Himmelbaum said she had been looking to expand when Stacey Chaleff approached her with the same idea. Chaleff, mom to nine-month-old Cole, had been attending Mommies 24/7 events in Hoboken and was interested in taking the concept with her as she and her family plan a move to Summit.

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“I started going to Sarah's events since they started, and I loved the whole concept,” Chaleff said. “I thought it could do very well in the suburbs where moms are always looking for information and things to do that they might not find as easily as in cities.”

Himmelbaum knew right away that she found the right person to grow Mommies 24/7. “Stacey is one of those rock star women you don't get to meet too often,” she said. “She’s passionate, creative and dynamic, and I know she’s going to do a great job running the show in Summit.”

Chaleff, a registered dental hygienist before Cole was born, will edit the Summit site, attract members and plan events. "Mommies 24/7 affords me the opportunity for a career centered on being a mom, which I love. It allows me to balance work and family, while providing an opportunity for new moms to connect and start new relationships."

Himmelbaum said she plans to launch six to ten new Mommies 24/7 sites within the next year. For now, mothers can sign up early and get updates on the Summit site. An event to celebrate the launch of the site is being planned for November and will feature food, drinks, and great raffle prizes.