On November 7, please remember to vote for Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz. Over the last 8 ½ years, I have seen Nancy work tirelessly for all of the residents of New Jersey. Nancy understands and advocates for property tax reform to make New Jersey affordable for all residents, so people will want to move here and stay.

Nancy listens intently to her constituents’ needs and concerns and is a strong advocate for all of us. The licensed registered nurse in the legislature, Nancy addresses the health care needs of all residents. She serves on the “Committee for Women and Children” and “Health and Senior Services,” among others. On a personal note, Nancy has raised five wonderful children on her own when her husband Assemblyman Dr. Eric Muñoz suddenly passed away. And she did it while working in healthcare and the legislature, where she carried on the work of her well respected husband.   Nancy has been out walking door to door speaking to constituents throughout District 21. Everyone who I have met while walking with her is an even stronger advocate for her after they meet her.  She is sincere -- and she is serious -- about making New Jersey better for all.

Vote for Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz on November 7.

Carol Bianchi