The hottest new club at LCJSMS? The new Chinese Club is all the rage. In a casual conversation with her mom, eighth grade student, Emily G. got a great idea.

She brainstormed with classmate Heather W. They both knew Chinese and wanted to share the language with others. Surprisingly, the LCJSMS’s new Chinese teacher doesn’t teach this club. Forming a Chinese Club was a great opportunity for Emily to have a teaching experience, something she has always wanted to do. After a few letters and conversations with Mr. Block, the club was ready to go.

“My friends and I decided it would be interesting to learn a new language,” says Claire S., a member of the Chinese Club. In an average Chinese Club meeting, Emily and Heather teach the members Chinese vocabulary from a specific category, such as animals, or simple greetings. They also learn about Chinese traditions, culture, and holidays. There are about 10 people at any given meeting. The club meets weekly, in Mrs. Sarracino’s classroom after school on Fridays, for about a half hour. “Anyone can get involved, just by coming to one of the meetings,” says Sarah E., another Chinese Club member.