The emergence of small and mid-size companies moving into the Summit has been impressive. Along with a number of townhome developments that have sprung up in the heart of the downtown in this and other surrounding affluent towns, have come satellite offices of some of Manhattan’s most influential firms.

Mixed in with these offices are a number of smaller companies that have taken flight with the advent of technology and the quick flight to success it can often create.

With this influx of new companies has come a resurgence of teambuilding and employee engagement for these firms who value a tight-knit working environment where socialization among colleagues is encouraged. This trend is one that seems to have legs as millenials enter the workforce and strive to connect with their colleagues.

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The result of this push has created a new avenue of business for traditional hotels that cater to customers utilizing their space to foster relationships outside of their place of business. In addition, the move to integrate the workforce to each other has opened a door for off-site catering that has seen demand skyrocket in urban and suburban settings.

The team at The Grand Summit Hotel and HAT Tavern have embraced this trend as customers of the historic hotel and popular cozy tavern have expressed an interest in having the signature menu items brought to them.

“The demand for off-site catering has been incredible,” says Director of Catering Jimmy Thornton. “While we would much prefer to have the companies come to us and meet in our space, we are not going to miss an opportunity serve our guests in their place of business.”

The hotel and its culinary team have been as far away as Millburn to serve customers who also host multiple annual banquets in the hotels newly renovated event space.

“I believe you always learn something new form your clients when you visit them in their place of business,” adds Assistant General Manager Michael Marino. “I can’t tell you how many large social events we are awarded from colleagues of customers who come up to us when we are in their place of business.”

“Choosing the right caterer can make or break an in house event,” says Sales Manager Erin Lenge. “My customers trust that I know their preferences, and will put together a menu that is both pleasant to the palette and simple to handle in an office environment where cleanliness is paramount.” The hotel’s clients for off-site catering include corporate offices, realtor open houses, schools, sports clubs, and government organizations. “We will work with most budgets to ensure we are competitive to what’s offered in the marketplace,” adds Lenge.

The Grand Summit Hotel and HAT Tavern’s Food To Go Catering includes their signature Pat LaFrieda blend burgers, sliders, a host of tapas offerings and salad selections, gourmet sandwiches, and coffee selections from their brand new Arts and Crafts Lobby Bar. A full list of menu choices is available at under the Food To Go Catering link.