Several Board members of Summit Public Art gathered recently near the “Fun with Fungi” on Summit's Village Green.

Ellen de Havilland, Marie Cohen, Myung Bondy, Diane Gallo, Vivian Furman Rubin, Alice Arms, and Estelle Fournier posed with the oversized 'shroom. The full board of Summit Public Art also includes John Romanovsky, Jessica Oppenheim, Maureen Prout Alvidrez, Melanie Cohn, Matthew Gould, Soutaine Jobson, Pat Kettenring, and Debi Schwarzmann.

Mayor Nora Radest, Common Council member Mary Ogden, and City Superintendent of Public Works Paul Cascais also serve on the board.

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Summit Public Art (SPA) has been placing art around the City of Summit for more than 11 years, with new installations installed on a regular basis. Receiving no public funding to do its work, the SPA relies on fundraising events and private and corporate donations, as well as grants to continue its stated mission, whcih is to ensure that public art thrives in the community.

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