SUMMIT, NJ - The Breast Center at Overlook Medical Center has received accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) of the American College of Surgeons. This is the highest form of clinical and quality care recognition for breast centers in the United States.  
“As a center of excellence, we demonstrate that Overlook Medical Center provides the highest level of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment available nationally,” said Bonni Guerin, MD, Chair, Breast Program Leadership.  “A breast center that achieves NAPBC accreditation has demonstrated a firm commitment to offer its patients every significant advantage in their battle against breast disease.” 
The NAPBC is a consortium of professional organizations dedicated to the improvement of the quality of care and monitoring of outcomes of patients with diseases of the breast.  The organization's mission is pursued through standard-setting, scientific validation, and patient and professional education, with its board membership including professionals from 20 national organizations that reflect the full spectrum of breast care.  
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Overlook Medical Center is also identified as a Best Practice hospital for Patient Navigation and has been chosen to be part of the NAPBC Best Practice Repository.  
“As a Best Practice hospital, other breast centers have the opportunity to learn from our program, especially in the area of nurse navigation,” says Sandra Wrigley, RN, CN-BN, CMF, Breast Nurse Navigator at Overlook Medical Center.

The NAPBC Best Practice Repository is an evolving online repository of best practice relating to NAPBC Accreditation. This repository will provide documents and other tools that breast centers may find useful in meeting NAPBC Standards.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimated that there were more than 230,000 patients diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the United States in 2013. In addition, hundreds of thousands of women who will deal with benign breast disease will require medical evaluation for treatment options.

Overlook Medical Center offers comprehensive breast care in a multidisciplinary setting. Services include: medical-, surgical-, and radiation oncologists, fellowship-trained breast radiologists, pathologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, and access to national clinical trials.

The program offers nurses trained in breast health, breast nurse navigators, physical therapists, lymphedema therapists, social workers, a dietician, and a genetic counselor.
In addition, many support services are offered to help patients and their families cope with breast cancer, including a breast cancer support group, pre-breast surgery education classes, nutrition education, counseling, integrative therapies that include massage, Reiki, yoga, stress management techniques, mindfulness meditation, and art therapy.

Elevated services that make Overlook Medical Center stand out from other Breast Centers include:
  • tomosynthesis, or 3-D breast imaging, a breakthrough in mammography that provides a clearer, more accurate view compared to digital mammography alone and consistently shows improved breast cancer detection rates, especially invasive cancers, and a decrease in call backs; and 
  • accelerated breast radiation, where high dose radiation is administered in a much shorter time frame and in a prone (lying face down) position, which reduces radiation exposure to the skin and vital organs, such as the heart and lungs.
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