CHATHAM – Tim Brown, a member of the Chatham Emergency Squad, has received the 2016 EMT Excellence Award from the Overlook Medical Center of Summit.

“When it comes to responding to calls and patient care, Tim can truly be said to be the squad’s MVP,”  Rich Crater, Chatham Emergency Squad Chief, said. 

Because of the demands of Brown’s “day job” as a paramedic flight nurse on the NorthSTAR medevac helicopter, he is exempt from regular 12-hour shifts on the squad.

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“He is our only squad member who is exempt from our requirements to serve on regularly scheduled 12-hour duty shifts," Crater said. "He rewards us for that exemption by being one of our two most prolific responders to ‘scramble calls,’ in addition to responding to many duty-crew calls and serving duty-crew shifts when he’s available. Tim is an exceptional EMT, and every crew chief breathes easier when they see Tim on-scene.”

When Brown’s was called to receive his award, his uniformed colleagues revealed life-size paper face masks on sticks, so when he went up to the podium, he looked back at his table to see multiple mirror images of his own likeness.

In addition to going out on calls, Brown serves the Chatham Emergency Squad in two administrative capacities – he is the mass casualty incident training manager, responsible for squad readiness should the volunteers be dispatched to such a scene, and he is an elected officer, serving as the communications and social events vice president.

“He is responsible for our internal and external communications, including our public relations functions," Crater said. "He also is responsible for our social events, from our annual dinner to our annual picnic, and everything in between.”

Brown joined the squad in 2008, Crater noted, “and we hope he’ll be with us for many years to come.”