Do you remember a time when Common Council was thought of as petty and bickering? No one is saying that today.

Do you remember who was on Council when it was thought of as petty and bickering? Council candidate Mike Vernotico. Mr. Vernotico's latest campaign piece (Titled, sic., "Tired of one party rule?") attacks his opponent for being "silent" about issues that had been decided before she was ever a candidate - but that arose while Mr. Vernotico was on council. Mr. Vernotico's campaign piece makes clear who was the source of Council's erstwhile reputation.

The piece is entirely untrue or misleading. For example, the "cuts," it asserts, that allegedly made Summit less safe were Council's decision in 2010 not to replace two police officers who retired, bringing the force from 48 to 46 - less than 4% fewer. Summit police earn a median base pay before overtime in the six figures, and Summit Police receive extremely generous pensions. You the taxpayers have to pay them.

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There is no statistical evidence that Summit is less safe today with 46 than it was before 2010 with 48. The decision back then made sense. The campaign-piece assertion, and four others, earn Mr. Vernotico five Pinocchios. And they are petty.

Summit does not need a return to the Vernotico era and its low road. I shall cast my vote for Sandy Lizza on November 5th for Ward 2 Councilperson. Sandy Lizza will focus on business, not polemics.