SUMMIT, NJ - Summit’s Platform Tennis Courts located in Wilson Park on Beekman Terrace are getting yet another facelift, this time without direct help from Hurricanes Irene or Sandy.  The Department of Community Programs has been slowly improving the conditions on the courts over the past two years as both Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 inflicted damage to these popular courts.

Insurance settlements enabled the City to bring the courts back to excellent condition following the damage inflicted by both weather events.  Additional funding through the Union County Kids Recreation Trust Fund Grant for 2013 has also aided in getting the courts in even better condition as work is currently being done.  Staining, resurfacing of steps, new perimeter surfacing under the courts, and new doors and railings will make the facility more attractive, better equipped to hold up during severe weather conditions and play better overall.

Reilly Green Mountain, a specialty company that builds, repairs and designs Platform Tennis Courts is currently conducting the repairs.  The courts are lit and are on timers during the season, and reservations are available through 10 p.m.

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Platform Tennis is a winter sport, popular in this area but not well-known around the country and the rest of the state.  Played off of all four walls like racquetball, a special ball and paddle is used that works well in very cold temperatures.  Local paddle enthusiasts will be seen playing in the coldest temperatures even with snow falling while they play.  It’s a great game to play to keep up those fitness levels during the winter months.  Several other area municipalities offer the sport including Maplewood and South Orange.

For more information or to make reservations, please call the Department of Community Programs at 908 / 277-2932.