SUMMIT, NJ - The Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School (LCJSMS) PTO is asking residents to sign an online petition instructing the Mayor and Common Council to remove voting from the Public Schools.

The group is directing traffic to a web page at  The text located on the petition site, states, "For a few days each year, absolutely anyone is able to walk, unquestioned, into the Summit Public Schools to vote.  Parents of schoolchildren are required to call ahead before they come into school, get "buzzed in" the locked school doors, and wear identifying badges while visiting school. Voters are able to walk in unlocked school doors and through school hallways without question, identification, or supervision."
It goes on to say, "No additional indoor security is provided by the Board of Elections, the Board of Education, or the Summit Police Department.  The lack of oversight and forethought on this issue puts the more than 3,400 children and staff in the Summit Public Schools in harm's way, and though discussions on the matter have been happening for years, absolutely nothing has been done."
When contacted, City officials declined comment at this time, but pledged to continue working with the Board of Education to find a solution that works for the community as a whole.