As you know, an important mayoral election is coming up. I am writing to urge all Summit residents to vote on November 3, and to ask you to join me in casting a vote for Nora Radest for Mayor of Summit.  

I have lived in Summit for over 27 years. Nora Radest is one of the most impressive and capable individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with on community initiatives.

I worked very closely with Nora on the Summit Educational Foundation (SEF) board from 2007 to 2011. As Summit residents who have, or have had, children in the public schools can attest, SEF’s impact on the public schools grew dramatically during Nora’s tenure as president.

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Nora led the successful planning and implementation of the SEF Endowment Fund. This was no easy task, given the strong personalities that were involved with this important initiative, but Nora showed an incredible ability to lead, compromise, and build consensus to ultimately raise more than $4 million for the Endowment, which is virtually unheard of for a K-12 public school system.  

I learned during these years that one of Nora’s greatest qualities in tackling difficult issues is reaching out to as many constituents as possible, listening to their thoughts and working collaboratively to find the best solutions. This is what bringing together and improving a community is all about, and what is required in order to be a successful Mayor. 

Nora has been a passionate volunteer and contributor to the Summit community for over 25 years. Her contributions have included active involvement in Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) activities, service on the PTA/PTO Legislative Committee, co-founding and serving as president of Speak Up Summit (an advocacy group for the Summit public schools), serving as a member and president of the Board of Education for 5 years, and serving as a member of the Board and president of SEF for four years.  

I do not know of any individual who has contributed more to strengthening Summit’s public schools than Nora Radest. As you are aware, a strong school system translates to a strong community, which, in turn, helps maintain and grow property values – something important to all Summit residents.  

I believe that Nora will bring even greater passion, intellect, and leadership qualities to the position of Mayor than she did in her other highly successful community positions.   She is the leader that Summit needs today. I am very proud to support her. Please vote for Nora Radest on November 3.    

Eric LeGoff