The renovation of the event space at the historic Grand Summit Hotel in Summit was directly aimed at creating a lighter, brighter, more welcoming space that would promote a party atmosphere inherent to the wedding and Bar / Bat Mitzvah and wedding celebration. The results have been embraced by the Hotel's very loyal clientele, as indicated by the strong repeat activity in the large social business segment.

Combining the look and feel of timeless elegance with a modern flair was the focus of the renovation, and the finished product has been well received. Installing the latest in spot and floor lighting that can be altered at the touch of a button to create a mood that goes with the planner’s theme, changed the feel of the room completely. “The customer already has a good idea of what they want the theme of their event to be when they walk through the doors of the hotel,” says long-time Assistant Director of Catering Teresa Garcia-Rosado. “While we are happy to provide our extensive knowledge of how the event should look and feel, we are not here to change the mindset of what the guest wants for the day.”

With that in mind, it is important that the room the guest selects will conform to the party's theme, and a big part of that is lighting. “We can give the client a look at a number of different options with a touch of a button to provide them with a host of choices,” says Director of Catering Jimmy Thornton. “From a simple, stripped-down straight forward event, to the room being completely transformed making it unrecognizable, the new look to the Grand Ballroom ensures it can morph into the environment of the guest’s desire. Two large inset flat-screen TV’s sit at the front of the room for guests to stream videos or photos of friends and family creating a Golden Globes-like vibe.

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At the heart of the Hotel’s reputation for staging first-class events is the its long-standing reputation for excellent food and beverage product and service. The guest has a choice of over 21 hot and cold hors d’oeuvres to choose from to begin the event, followed by a choice of 11 captain’s stations. Signature stations include the Italian, Asian, Caribbean, and Southern, each offering an array of offerings sure to impress your family and friends.  

Service is at the vanguard of everything the Hotel staff does, and it’s a hallmark of the history of the property that the management team takes very seriously. At a time of automation and communication dominated by e-mail, the sales and event team at the hotel takes pride in its willingness to sit down with a customer to discuss their needs.  Banquet Manager Kathy Obropta has seen many of her customers follow her from her previous position at the Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains. “A big part of my job is providing a level of comfort to the guest from the time they walk through the doors to see the space, through the final hug at the conclusion of the event,” says Obropta. “We are staffed 365 days a year to be available for a walk-in at any time. We don’t want to miss an opportunity to win a client. It’s our life’s work, and we take a lot of pride in it,” she adds.

“We are now catering to a fairly equal share of guests who want the new cocktail style menu and those preferring the traditional format,” adds Garcia-Rosado. “The cocktail reception has always been among the most popular time of the event, and that has ushered in the desire to create that setting for the length of the event.”

While Saturday night remains the most in demand night for events at the hotel, The Grand Summit’s world-class offerings are available on Friday and Sunday beginning at the special rate of $99 for all they have to offer. “Time of year and day of the week certainly have an impact as it relates to pricing,” says Thornton. “If flexibility is an option for your event, the pricing will work out in your favor in a big way.”

Come see today why The Grand Summit Hotel remains the venue of choice in North Jersey.