While it is a wonderful community, Summit continues to need dedicated leadership.  Rob Rubino has proven to be an exceptional representative of the community over the past three years, and we are fortunate that he has chosen to run for re-election this year.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rob since 2001, both professionally and personally.  Rob is well respected by his peers.  His organizational and leadership skills, which enable him to be an exceptional physician, are an integral part of his success as a Councilman and as Council President.  

Rob has recruited several well-qualified volunteers to participate in various city Boards and departments during the past several years.  He actively seeks out appropriate individuals to become involved in Summit’s government.

In all aspects of his life, Rob’s thirst to gather as much information as possible and analyze it thoughtfully allows him to make excellent decisions.  This is true of the way he has functioned in his role as Councilman since 2011, always making phone calls and meeting people to ensure that he hears all sides of the argument prior to making a recommendation for action.  

Rob possesses the integrity, optimism, and ambition necessary to continue to provide the strong leadership this community deserves.  Rob has strived to improve our community since his election to Common Council in 2011 and I hope to see him continue his work during the next three years.

Dr. Elizabeth Fagan