SUMMIT, NJ - More than 30 new certified Summit Public Schools staff, including teachers, child study team members and guidance counselors staff members attended Summit Educator Training (S.E.T.)  at the Summit Public Schools. Organized by the Districts' head of human resources, Dr. Matt Block, along with Karen Cotter and Michelle Hawley, S.E.T. is comprised of three days of training followed by one day of building-based preparation.

There are themes to each S.E.T. day., including community, instruction and professional responsibilities. On 'community day', a mid-morning bus tour saw the group visit the nine school locations and learn about the distinct history of each, followed by a meet and greet at City Hall with Mayor Nora Radest. Additionally, there were presentations on the following: the Summit Education Foundation, the Culturally Connected Educator, and Technology.

On 'instruction day', staff will focus on instructional expectations and initiatives. During day three, focusing on 'professional responsibilities' the group will delve into what it means to be a great educator outside of the classroom, and how they -- individually -- can contribute in addition to their direct time with students. August 17 will see the new staff begin to prepare their classrooms for students’ arrival in September.

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The week also sees participation from Summit Police Chief Robert Weck, Deputy Summit Fire Chief Donald Nelson, Summit Free Public Library Director Susan Permahos and City of Summit Director of Community Programs, Judith Leblein Josephs.

“Summit Educator Training is a wonderful opportunity to introduce our new educators to the City of Summit and to make them feel a part of the team in the Summit Public Schools,” said Block. “Our main objective for the week is to give our new educators the tools they need to thrive.”