On November 4th, the residents of Summit will be given the choice to vote for incumbent councilman Robert Rubino, MD, or for a newcomer to the city of Summit, Paul Grosswald.  Beyond the acute differences in approach to governing, they represent separate parties – Rubino, Republican; Grosswald, Democrat. 

It’s commendable that Mr. Grosswald is seeking an active role in city government; however he seems to believe party representation is the only substantiating factor in doing so.  In contrast Dr.  Rubino has always been of the nature to blend party lines for the good of the community.

Dr. Rubino has based his leadership on integrity, honesty and a genuine interest in bettering the city of Summit. 

Grosswald, a litigation lawyer in practice, has already predisposed his potential position to be an “opposition voice on council”. He appears to believe confrontation is inevitable and thrives on the notion that conflict abounds in Summit. He fails to see the bigger picture – persons chosen as leaders in Summit should not be adversarial; rather we need leaders with the ability to work with all people. His aggressive and confrontational representation during his campaign for council is symbolic of how he would approach his position in city government. He seems to have no interest in building a community – to the contrary, his main interest is continuing to build a divide among political parties. 

How can Summit citizens take comfort in having a leader who seeks opposition? One who’s primary motivation for seeking election appears to be to confront and oppose, rather than to suggest and promote constructive solutions and policies? 

Summit needs a leader that is amicable, approachable, kind and community centric, despite political party - an individual with only the interest of residents in mind. Summit needs someone who has proven leadership skills, continually working hard to build relationships with residents, the Council and Mayor, County Freeholders, and beyond.  Summit needs someone who people seek out because of his morals, work ethic and genuine and trusted character. Dr. Rubino is a born leader. It is in our best interests to retain Dr. Rubino as a voice and advocate for Summit - not just for this election, but for years to come.

Paul Francischetti