As a candidate for Common Council At Large, I pledge to not engage in negative campaigning. I’ve asked the same of my running mates and extend that challenge to our opponents as well. We should further disavow the negative efforts of others, acting directly or indirectly, on our behalf.  

Summit is a special place. I love this City, my family’s home for the last 22 years, plus the home of my downtown business where I proudly employ 9 hardworking women and men.  We can’t be like Washington or Trenton.  Negativity has no place here – our City has too much potential.

I'm committed to fighting for:

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  • Keeping Summit affordable for families and seniors;
  • Continued excellence in our schools; and
  • The best downtown in NJ to work and play.

In short, we pride ourselves on being diverse, welcoming, and humane. Let’s act that way ourselves, and set a good example.  All in for Summit!

David Dietze is the Republican candidate for Summit Common Council, At-Large.