Mr. Bennett might be a bit premature in criticizing the future school budget.

Let me assure you, the taxpayer, that without seeing the budget, how it is developed, it’s evolution and especially the rigorous process the board goes through, throwing shade is probably not the most thoughtful approach. The board and business administrator work with the all principal’s requests (which are realistic and thoughtful) and then an iterative process begins which is highly diligent, circumspect and balanced. 

The board and administration are a talented crew, and we are lucky to have them. They understand their fiscal responsibility and are well aware of our community’s appetite for keeping taxes as low as possible.

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Yes, they actually understand their role in guaranteeing the financial integrity of our school district. This prudent safeguarding over the years has translated into the four legs of the Summit School District - academics, the arts (theater and music), athletics and community service being second to none. The district’s history has never been one of wasteful or excessive spending, and always one of transparency.

And just to be clear, FDK is no longer a variable, it is successfully baked into the budget cake and has already proven to be an integral role in defining Summit. We don’t end the fourth quarter and then try to start the second half.

So let’s support, as well as question, the administration and board when there is actually something to discuss. We owe them that much.

George Lucaci