Regarding your recent article, it may be helpful to your readers to understand that I'm a licensed real estate broker with an office in Summit. My business focus is commercial property services. My comments are made as an interested party to local governance.

Unfortunately, the all too common misperception is that a developer's goal is to build or over-build. I represent commercial property owners or their tenants. In most cases, their goal is reinvestment in existing buildings. Summit like most NJ towns have a land management or redevelopment opportunity versus a new growth problem.

My point is that what most people like about small towns is that they have small businesses located in or near town centers. A small property owner and tenant is a small, job-creating, ratable generating, business. Municipal land management policy has gotten so complicated and expensive to navigate that these small business people are reluctant to make the investment to improve or occupy property.

It is a disservice to our small business friends to paint them with the "developer" brush.