You may or may not be aware that a proposal is in front of the Summit Planning Board to make major changes to the property of 603 Springfield Avenue in order to turn it into a five doctor office building. 

Although the proposal is to keep some of the remaining home there will be an underground parking constructed and the building will expand to cover most of the lot.

The proposal of 5 doctors occupying this property presents several adverse implications to our neighborhood:

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  • The potential of 40 to 80 cars leaving and exiting the property every day, not to mention the numerous commercial vehicles. This raises the traffic exponentially exposing our many joggers, bike riders, children playing and dog walkers to danger.
  • Having that many occupants on the property will raise the noise level of the neighborhood. 
  • The proposed property will be 7000 square feet in a neighborhood that has homes anywhere from 1900 to 4800 square feet. I don’t know of any other residential home in this area that would be approved for additions to make a 7000 square foot home.
  • The possibility of our retaining our current property values is nil living within the surrounds of this commercial proposal.

The applicant, architect and counsel of this proposal are attempting to sway the Planning Board by working with the Historic Preservation Commission. Although they have acquired a letter stating that the Commission approves the architectural changes this does NOT mean they approve a commercial venture in this location. They also have a proposal of a green roof over the underground parking as a wow factor. 

I am posting this in hopes that you will feel our pain and understanding how you would feel having this monstrosity next to you or across the street from you. 

Please support me and many of your other neighbors in stopping this endeavor by attending the next Planning Board meeting on July 28 at City Hall (512 Springfield Ave) at 7:30 p.m.

Janice Merritt