Property taxes are so expensive in Summit that “income diversity” will soon be priced out of town unless government spending is checked.

As a certified financial planner, David Dietze understands the need for zero-based budgeting.  During his current (5yr) School Board leadership, quality of education has risen faster than cost, thanks to three excellent tradeoffs:

  • Employee Healthcare coverage switched (from Cigna to Aetna).

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  • Choice of “free” ½ day Kindergarten or tuition-based FDK (with scholarships for needy) that breaks-even without putting private/ parochial alternatives out of business (flooding public enrollment).

  • State Aid optimized via “debt service” grants (Trenton’s only category not “means” tested).

Yet Summit schools increasingly receive national accolades, benefiting our children as well as property values.  Son Billy is a recent SHS grad, and daughter Betsy a senior this year.

A longtime resident now running his own advisory business physically in downtown Summit, David knows our community inside out.  He can literally walk to work!

Like many Summit professionals, his stock-in-trade is a global perspective that always seeks an affordable Bottom Line.

Dietze’s maturity and international outlook fit Summit values: proven leadership gleaned from real world experience.  Not an unseasoned zealot armed with prosecutorial overreach, prone to piecemeal decision-making, and short on managerial command.

Having been there myself, only Dietze can replace Dr. Rubino’s fiscal restraint on Common Council.

Tom Getzendanner