Spicy, sweet, salty, different aromas of pretty much anything you can imagine fill the air. Colorful arrays of food coat the cafeteria tables. Stews bubble in metal pots, while breads get lined up in parallel rows. Meanwhile, the third graders at Franklin elementary school are preparing for a special treat, a concert! The Franklin third graders understand everyones different. Each year Franklin creates a special day to learn about each student's unique culture!

This year, Franklin third graders were singing seven songs. One from each continent:  from North America- Rocky Mountain. from South America-Ma Ma Bakita, from Europe- the Alpine song, from Asia-Se Se Se, from Africa- Jay Jay Cooley,  from Antarctica-the Antarctic Anthem, and finally the Kookaburra from Australia.  

Brooke Harvey, a third grader who experienced this exciting event says “Heritage day took a lot of preparing. But in the end, it was worth it. The food was awesome and the decorations gorgeous, it was the most fun event Franklin has ever had."

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Without the Franklin teachers, principal, and parents the third graders would not have been able to accomplish this event. This was a valuable experience for the third graders, one they will definitely never forget.

Maggie O. is a Fourth Grader at Summit's Franklin Elementary School.