The Summit Summies Gymnastics Team from The Connection for Women & Families spent the holiday weekend in sunny Florida (New York) for the "Florida in February" USAIGC Invitational.  All the gymnasts are well on their way to the State Championship which will take place in May.

Copper Team Sweeps All-Around

In the 6-8 year old age Kasey Walsh was the meet champion with a 37.7.  She also won bars (9.8) and vault (9.25).  Team-mate Catherine Singow finished 2nd with a 37.35, while winning beam (9.6) and finishing 2nd on bars (9.7).  Emily Weisman finished the Summies sweep finishing 3rd with a 36.55.  She also won third on bars (9.65) and 4th on floor (9.0).  Sofia Wilson finished with a season-high 35.10.  She also won 4th place on bars (9.4).

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In the 9 and over old age-group, Summies Ruby Hodges was the meet champion with a 36.7.  She won the beam (9.45) and finished 6th on bars with a 9.4.  Julie Phipps finished 2nd with a 36.4.  She won the floor (9.45) and finished third on bars (9.45).  Miranda Borra finished the Summies sweep of the 9 and over age-group with a 36.25.  She finished 2nd on beam (9.45) and 6th on vault (9.0).  Margaret Griffith finished with a 36.2.  Her best events were 4th place on bars (9.45) and 5th on beam (9.15).  Dana Efron had a personal best 36.0 all-around score.  She finished 2nd on bars (9.5) and 3rd on floor (9.1).  Charlotte Girouard had a personal best 35.6 all around.  She won 7th on both bars (9.4) and beam (9.15).  Luci Borra finished with a 35.3 all around.  She won the bars (9.65) and did well on floor (8.7).  Emma Claus finished with a season high 34.95 all around.  She won 5th on bars (9.45) and also had a strong vault (8.9).  Isabel Claus had personal best all around score of 33.75.  She also had an incredible bars (9.4) and personal best vault (8.9).

Bronze Team Crowns All-Around Champ

In the 6-10 year old age group, the Summies Bronze team was led by Kayleigh Driscoll who won with a 36.5.  She also won the bars (9.1) and beam (9.55).  Team-mate Sofia Confalonieri, finished 2nd with a 36.4.  She won 2nd on vault (9.2) and beam (9.5).  Julia Ippolito finished with a 33.5 all-around and won 8th on vault (9.05).  Jane Wagner competed as an event specialist.  Her best event was floor (8.2).   Allison Lee also competed as an event specialist.  Her best event was beam (8.3).

In the 11-12 year old age-group, the Summies were led by Grace Bauman, who finished with a 35.75, while winning 2nd on bars (9.0) and 6th on floor (9.1).  Tess Ostroff, finished with a 35.4.  She won 5th on beam (9.25) and 7th on floor (9.0).  Essie Pasternack finished the all-around with a 32.25.  Her best event was vault (8.8).

Silver Team Puts Up Season-High Scores

The Summies Silver team was led by 12 year old MaryKaylee Speck finished 2nd in the all-around with a career-high 37.15.  She won beam (9.55) finished 2nd on bars (9.1) and 4th on both vault (9.45) and floor (9.05).  Also in the 8-12 year old age-group, Ginny Collins finished with a 35.8 all around.  She also earned 3rd on bars (9.0) and 8th on vault (9.25).  Cassie Ippolito finished with a 35.8 all-around.  She won 3rd on floor (9.2) and 7th on beam (9.0).  Emily Vinick finished with a 33.7 all-around.  She earned 9th place on beam (8.85).

In the 13 and older category, Summies were led by Naomi Schachter who put up a career high 34.7 all-around.  She also won 4th place on bars (8.75) and 10th place on floor (8.8).  Team-mate Alexis Greenblatt finished with a season-high 33.55 all around.  Her best event was vault (9.05).

Gold Team Brings Home 12 Medals

Summies' Abby Claus led the team winning 2nd place in the all around with a 35.25.  She also won bars (9.2) and beam (9.35).  Alysia Lopez finished 3rd overall with a 35.05.  She finished 2nd on bars (9.0) and 3rd on beam (8.85) and vault (8.75).  Noa Efron had a season high 32.95 all around.  She also won 2nd on floor (8.9) and  3rd on vault (8.25).

The Summies return to action in New Jersey next month in the March Madness Invitational.

The Summit Summies Team is a member of the United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs, Inc. and is part of the gymnastics program offered by The Connection for Women & Families.  The team consists of girls, ages 7 through 17 years who practice 2 to 5 days a week in the Connection's state-of-the-art facility.  Anyone interested in instructional, competitive gymnastics or summer gymnastics camp should call 908-273-4242 and ask for Tracy Burkholder, Director of Gymnastics.