Summit Area Indivisible (SAI) is declaring their endorsement for Tom Malinowski for the NJ Congressional District 7 (CD7) seat.  As we look to November, we are asking our members to support Tom Malinowski for Congress. 

Summit Area Indivisible is an activist group which launched in April 2017. Our mission is to mobilize Summit area residents to speak as one “louder” voice and take deliberate actions to halt the aggressive attacks on our US Constitution, our individual freedoms, and our stability as the leader of the free world by the current administration and Congress. We aim to resist hatred, encourage policy based on facts and protect values of our democracy. 

We believe in inclusion, respect and fairness in all of our actions. We believe in maintaining the US as a beacon of opportunity, stability, force for humanitarian efforts, and peace. We demand that our Congressional representatives serve as our voice in Washington D.C. 

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Our primary intent is to provide an umbrella organization for Summit Area residents who want to be informed, find fellowship and have a voice in our democracy. We believe that all citizens can make educated decisions at the polls and we encourage all citizens to vote. 

SAI chose not to involve the organization in the competitive Democratic primary, but as soon as a winner was announced, we invited the primary winner, Tom Malinowski to an SAI Meet and Greet. We advertised this meet and greet to our members, nearby grassroots groups and the general public. The event occurred on June 24 at Summit High School cafeteria. The meeting was well attended by longstanding SAI members, local Democrats and non-members from the area. Feedback from the event was very positive leaving people with a sense of inspiration and hope. People were impressed with Tom and with his straightforward responses to all questions asked including from the very youngest members in the audience. 

The endorsement process used by SAI included a secret ballot polling of its active members using OpaVote. Active members were defined as anyone attending one or more physical events or meetings.  The ballot stated that SAI was considering an endorsement of  Tom Malinowski in the NJ CD7 House race for 2018 and that if 2/3 of those voting agreed to do so, then the organization would proceed with its endorsement. The ballot contained 2 options: Endorse Tom Malinowski or Do Not Endorse Tom Malinowski. Poll was left open for 4 days with results at closing of 54 votes cast, 53 voted to Endorse and 1 voted Do Not Endorse. 

With this near unanimity of our voting members, the SAI Steering Committee is excited to issue an endorsement. We have submitted our endorsement to Indivisible National. SAI feels that Tom Malinowski is a highly qualified candidate who will represent our values in Washington. SAI encourages our members to continue to understand the issues and to network with their friends to understand Tom’s position on the issues. SAI is committed to flip the NJ CD7 seat by staying true to its mission.