SUMMIT, NJ - The Summit Area Public Foundation (SAPF) has awarded a grant to the Enright Melanoma Foundation supporting their sun safety outreach campaign for youth in the Hilltop City area.
The campaign will encourage youth, ages 5 and up, to become educated about sun safety through the online Enright Sun Safety Certification programs.
“With skin cancer rates rapidly increasing, there is an enormous need to educate young people, and those who influence them, on the dangers of over exposure to the sun and ultraviolet (UV) radiation," said Janet Horowitz, Executive Director, Enright Melanoma Foundation.

The Enright Sun Safety Certification program, designed by skin cancer professionals from the Enright Melanoma Foundation, is an advanced e-learning platform to answer two simple questions: How do you stay safe in the Sun? and Why is staying safe in the sun so important?.

Scallion Joins Enright Melanoma Foundation Board of Trustee as Treasurer

Summit resident Scallon is a partner within KPMG’s Rick Consulting practice with more than 22 years of experience providing audit and advisory services to global financial institutions, investment banks, investment companies and registered broker dealers.

Prior to joining KPMG’s Risk Consulting practice in 2012, he served as a partner within KPMG’s Financial Services audit practice serving some of the Firm’s largest banking and capital markets clients.

Scallon currently serves as KPMG’s New York City Office Banking and Capital Market Industry lead partner. He is a CPA in New York state, and holds a MBA from Columbia University and a BS in accounting from SUNY Buffalo.