SUMMIT, NJ - After Summit's big win over Jonathan Dayton earliler this week, the Hilltoppers were ready to take on a new opponent on Saturday, Delaware Valley.  Playing on the upper turf, both teams played a physical game, but Summit (3-1-1) defeated Delaware Valley (2-2-2), 4-1.

Summit had many offensive plays during the first 10 minutes of the game. The ball stayed near the goal for most of the game resulting in Summit taking many shots. Only 11 minutes in, a corner kick was given to Summit and Sophmore Erick Reyes crossed the ball to Andrew Guitiarez who scored the first goal of the game.

Delaware Valley knew they had to get it together or play a  defensive game. They were able to move the ball down to Summit’s goal and a shot from outside the box went right to the top of the goal. Luckily, goalkeeper Brendan Krain  jumped and grabbed the ball just in time to keep the score 1-0 in Summit's favor.

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As the game continued, the ball moved around the midfield for a while as players fought for control. Summit defender James Strabley took hold of the ball and passed it to Nick Abbott, who took it to the goal and shot. The ball flew into the top cross bar where it bounced to the ground and rolled into the back of the net, resulting in 2-0 lead for Summit.

Delaware Valley then took the ball to Summit’s side where they fired several shots on goal and  scored with 11 minutes left in the half. The rest of the half played out without another goal and ended with a score of 2-1 in Summit's favor.

As the second half began, Summit started to dominate the field keeping the ball on offense most of the time and playing aggressive defense when needed. Summit's aggressive play earned a yellow card for James Strabley.

As the game progressed, Summit had many scoring opportunities. Ryan Hughes of Summit was given a corner kick where he crossed the ball to James Holzer who headed it in to secure a 3-1 lead.

“At this point it really looked like it was the Hilltoppers' game," said Summit super fan Blaise Johnson. "They really came together out there.”

Not too long after the score, Summit player Eric Reyes was given a corner kick. He passed the ball to Senior Will Snyder, who scored. 

With a 4-1 lead and time running out, the game looked to be Summit's to lose. As the clock ticked down, Delaware Valley tried to even the score, however, Summit locked down the field and didn't leta goial in.

 “I am pretty mad I wasn't able to be there, but I’m glad to hear we played so well,"said injured  summit player Ashley Healey, who was injured and could not play. "We have a good season ahead of us.”

The game ended with a 4-1 victory for Summit. Delaware Valley’s next game is on Monday against North Plainfield, and Summit’s is also on Monday against Rahway.