SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ - As the Summit Hilltoppers skated onto the ice on Saturday night, they were welcomed by a large crowd of fans. Although the game started off slowly, it wasn’t long until Summit’s Timmy Yager scored their first goal of the night. Very soon after, another one was poked in by Eric Stabler. He was assisted by Liam McLaughlin and Frank Lawrence.  When the ice cleared at the end of the night, Summit had defeated Scotch Plains 6-1.

Scotch Plains scored their first and only goal of the game soon after Stabler’s goal.  As the game continued, Summit scored again and again.  12 minutes and 20 seconds into the second period, freshman Liam McLaughlin tapped in another goal to make the score 3-1 in favor of Summit.

Coach Nixon of Summit said, “…we did good tonight.”

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Going into the next and final period, Summit had a 3-1 lead.  Only 2 minutes and 12 seconds into the third period, Will Brenn put another puck into the net for Summit.  Jeff Wycoff later scored for Summit, giving the Hilltoppers a 5-1 lead. 

With less than a minute left, Summit had just enough gas to put one more in. Eric Stabler put his second goal of the game into the net 14 minutes and 58.5 seconds into the period, concluding the scoring with Summit up 6-1.

Coach Matt Gualtieri of Scotch Plains said, “Last season, a team like Summit ten goaled us and blew us right out of the rink.  For us to be able to compete and make it a close game in the third period we feel good about ourselves.  We know we have a long way to go but we’re starting to gain ground on the teams like Summit.”

Jeff Wycoff of Summit told The Alternative Press, “We worked hard.  We won!”