Let me be Clear about the Downtown Improvement Project that will be starting soon. I have been Involved with this Entire Project from Day one as Chairman Of SDI. City Officials and SDI meet Monthly to Address ALL Issues Concerning the Downtown and the Current Project Ahead.
City Planners came up with the Plan for the D/T Project beginning with the Up - Grade to all the Crosswalks, and sidewalk Repairs. The Board of Trustees (SDI), reviewed the Plans, made adjustments, recommendations and Also VOTED against certain aspects of the Project that were either not Fiscally Possible for the Organization or Deemed Not worthy by Canvassing Merchants and Landlords for their Input.

This brings up the Issue of Decorative "Cobblestone" Paving on Beechwood Road. The BOT / SDI Voted NOT to do this Project but was in Favor of Applying the "Cobblestone" Around the Traffic Circle in Front of the Train Station. The City took it upon themselves to go ahead with this and Voted by Council to Approve.

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City Officials have Voiced their Displeasure with SDI for not Paying for the Beechwood Road project. Let me be Clear again and also Educate the People of Summit. SDI will be paying for HALF of this ENTIRE Project, but Landlords Downtown ALSO pay a City Tax on top of the Special Improvement Tax Levied onto them.
They pay 2 taxes, one to the City of Summit's General fund (as do residents), and then The SID Tax. There is Talk out there by some Residents that want the "Landlords and Merchants" to pay for ALL this because it is in the D/T. The D/T Landlords have NEVER mentioned that the School Tax is of No concern to them since 99% of the D/T do not send Kids to Schools, but still pay 60% of their Taxes for Schools. And they will continue to do this.

We are All One Big Community;  Residents , Merchants, Landlords and Many others that Contribute to Summit to make it the GEM that it is.
Lets all get along.

Tony Melchionna
Chairman, Summit Downtown Inc.