SUMMIT, NJ - The City of Summit Fire Department is reminding area businesses that Carbon Monoxide detectors are required in all businesses and commercial buildings in accordance with recently modified Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and Uniform Fire Code (UFC).

“Carbon monoxide is primarily a concern in buildings with fuel-burning appliance,” said Summit Fire Chief Eric Evers. “If a building has natural gas or oil-fired appliances, including a furnace, boiler, water heater, stove or clothes dryer, then CO detection will be required. This requirement will be enforced during all annual fire inspections.”

Carbon monoxide detection is required to be installed in the immediate vicinity of all sources of carbon monoxide. In addition to providing detection at the source, the following additional areas need to be protected:

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  • Spaces adjacent to the source of carbon monoxide.

  • In the immediate vicinity of any shaft, including but not limited to, stair towers, elevator shafts and ventilation shafts at the level of the potential source of carbon monoxide.

  • At the first register or grill off the main duct trunk(s) from the HVAC equipment that is a potential source of carbon monoxide.

  • In any story that is within two stories of a source of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide alarms must be UL 720 listed. The units may be battery-operated, plug-in, or hard-wired. Combination fire and carbon monoxide detection systems are permitted; there is no requirement for fire department notification.

There are specific cases where the Uniform Fire Code exempts the installation of carbon monoxide detectors, including repair garages, battery charging areas and most warehouses.

For more information, call the Summit Fire Department Fire Prevention Division at 908-277-9360 or contact