SUMMIT, NJ – The Summit Family Aquatic Center (SFAC) has been recognized by the World Water Park Association (WWA) with three Wave Review Awards, all based on the facility’s successful advertising and promotional items.

The SFAC’s winning pieces included Best Poster for Shark Diddy’s 2014 Super Summer Celebration, Best Print Media Campaign for Shark Diddy’s 2014 Aquatics International Magazine Cover Photo, and Best YouTube Campaign for Shark Diddy TV, created in the summer of 2015.

Each award pays tribute to both SFAC and the Department of Community Programs (DCP) staff for their ongoing dedication to maintaining and promoting the SFAC brand. A special tribute to Judith L. Josephs, DCP Director, Sophie Mannaerts, DCP Communications, James Colucci, DCP Board Presiding Officer, as well as Tony Masterfano and Daniel Byers, co-hosts of Diddy TV.

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Judith L. Josephs proudly accepted all three awards on behalf of the entire SFAC and DCP staff during the October 2015 WWA Symposium & Trade Show in Palm Springs, CA. All entries were judged by marketing and advertising professionals and were divided up by attendance classification to ensure parks of similar size and budget were competing against one another.

Sophie Mannaerts, DCP Communications, said, “It’s great to be a part of such a creative group of people because we are constantly coming up with new ways to promote the SFAC brand.” Mannaerts explain the origin of Diddy TV by saying, “When Judith first developed the idea, we knew it would be a great way to spread important safety information.”

Diddy TV was filmed throughout the 2015 summer season with the help of James Colucci. Each piece was then edited by Sophie Mannaerts into various segments, including Pool Safety Tips, Lifejackets 101, and Top of the Rock Interviews highlighting various SFAC managers and staff members.

“We never imagined the impact it would have on the community,” said Mannaerts. Since airing the first episode in July of 2015, tens of thousands have viewed Diddy TV. It has served as a highly effective form of community outreach, allowing the DCP and SFAC staff to spread important pool safety information. Diddy TV will likely continue filming during the summer of 2016.

All three WWA awards will be on display at the Summit Community Center, 100 Morris Avenue, and will be recognized once more during the November 4 Summit Common Council Meeting.

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