01/01/2017 at 02:27 hrs. - FD dispatched to SPRINGFIELD AVE business for an activated fire alarm.  On arrival, investigation revealed a pull station activation on the lower level.  Fire personnel noted blood on the wall in the vicinity of the pull station and notified building security to investigate further.  

01/02/2017 at 03:03 hrs. - FD dispatched to a medical aid call at a COLONIAL RD residence for a report of chest pain. FD stabilized patient and took vitals.  Summit Volunteer First Squad arrived and transported patient to hospital.

01/02/2017 at 14:47 hrs. - FD dispatched to a HOBART AVE residence for an activated carbon monoxide alarm.  Investigation revealed 19 ppm carbon monoxide inside the second floor living space above the garage.  The homeowner reported starting his automobile inside the garage prior to CO alarm sounding.  Windows and doors opened for ventilation.  

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01/03/2017 at 21:13 hrs. - FD dispatched to Route 78 West at mm 48.8 for a report of a car fire.  On arrival found a single car MVA into the center median guard rail.  The driver refused medical attention.  NJSP requested FD remain in scene until the tow truck removed the vehicle.

01/04/2017 at 15:21 hrs.  - FD dispatched on Automatic Aid to a PINE TERRACE WEST residence in MILLBURN for report of smoke in building. On arrival Summit FD was assigned as a Firefighter Assistance and Search Team.  Summit FD released when Millburn Officer in Charge place incident under control.

On 01/06/2017 at 12:36 hrs. - FD dispatched to a SPRINGFIELD AVE residence for a reported water leak.  Investigation revealed a water leak in the water heater on the lower floor of the home.  The water and gas were shut off to the water heater by fire personnel.  

01/08/2017 12:47 hrs. - FD dispatched to a SPRINGFIELD AVE. commercial building for a report of a scaffolding collapse.  On arrival FD found scaffolding had fallen from the roof of the building and was found in the Springfield Avenue entrance to parking garage.  Summit Police Department and FD secured the entrance to the parking garage.  Springfield Avenue was shut down to establish a collapse zone and safe area  due to additional unsecured scaffolding on the roof and  high winds in the area.  Notification made to the building manager about scaffolding issues and requested that remaining  scaffolding on the roof be secured.  FD remained on scene until scaffolding contractor secured  the remaining scaffolding and removed the collapsed scaffolding.

01/10/2017 at 08:49 hrs.  - FD dispatched to a NORWOOD AVE school for a reported sprinkler system activation.  Investigation revealed a broken sprinkler pipe in the area where construction work was being performed.  On site school personnel will make repairs.

01/11/2017 at 07:20 hrs. - FD dispatched to a WEST END AVE residence for a report of arcing electrical equipment.  FD investigated a reported power outage in the area called in by a passerby.  A check of the area revealed no power lines down and a power outage in the area.  Notification was made to JCP&L to respond.  

01/11/2017 at 19:12 hrs. - FD dispatched to  UNION PLACE for a report of an trash can fire.  On arrival investigation found  a street side trash receptacle that was smoldering.  FD used a 2  1/2 gallon pressurized extinguisher for extinguishment and overhaul.

01/12/2017 15:15 hrs.  - FD dispatched to a  Maple Street business for an activated commercial fire alarm. Investigation and found the start- up of an oil burner furnace to be cause for alarm.  The fire department was requested to remain on location until the furnace was fired up by the contractor.

01/13/2017 07:20 hrs. - FD dispatched in Plainfield on a Mutual Aid request  for a structure fire.  Summit FD units diverted from scene to station coverage while responding to Plainfield.  Summit FD remained in Plainfield until released by Incident Command.

01/13/2017 14:21 hrs. - FD dispatched into Plainfield on a Mutual Aid request for station coverage. Summit FD personnel provided station coverage until released by Union County Fire Mutual Aid.