June 11, 2018 1:12 am    FD responded to WALLACE ROAD for a report of wires burning in the area of Rose Lane and Canoe Brook Parkway. FD found a service wire burning in a tree behind at a Wallace Rd residence. FD notified Power Company for a response and stood by until their arrival. Investigation found that a protective sleeve that was on the wire to protect it from rubbing a tree was burning. Power company cut power to the area and FD controlled any burning debris that dropped down. FD stood by while power company replaced the sleeve

June 18, 2018      FD responded to RUSSELL PLACE for a report of a visible outside smoke condition coming from behind a house. On arrival, FD found an extinguished grill fire that had extended to a flower basket and wooden fence. The occupant had extinguished the fire prior to FD arrival. FD personnel secured the propane to the grill and checked for extension. No extension was found. The occupant was advised to have the grill checked prior to cooking with it.

June 24, 2018 12:00 am FD responded to a MOUNTAIN AVENUE residence for an activated fire alarm. On arrival and investigation, found burned popcorn in the microwave was the cause for the alarm.  Positive pressure ventilation was performed with an electric fan, and the area was checked for extension with none found. The alarm was reset prior to arrival, and the burned material was already removed by building occupants.

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June 27, 2018 7:57 pm FD responded to WOODLAND AVENUE apartment complex on an Automatic Fire Alarm.  On arrival, FD found a light smoke condition in the first floor hallway because of unattended cooking in an apartment activating the building fire alarm.  FD secured the food on the stove and ventilated and fire alarm was reset.

June 30, 2018 5:34 am FD responded to PARK AVENUE on a report of a structure fire in a detached garage. On arrival FD found fire showing from a detached garage and motor vehicle. Fire was showing near the front end of the vehicle. There were exposures to the Alpha and Delta sides. A one and three quarter hose line was stretched for extinguishment of the fire. A signal eleven was transmitted for a working structure fire.  At 5:51 am the fire was placed under control and the fire investigation was started. During overhaul it was found that the fire occurred in the area between the garage and the front of the BMW where two garbage cans were located. Owner of the BMW advised that the car was inoperable and had not been used in several months. The fire extended to the front of the garage, damaging the garage door, siding and trim to the garage. There was minor fire extension found on the ceiling of the garage which was wet down. The exposures were checked with no fire extension found.  Upon completion of the fire investigation, all equipment was picked up and building turned over to the tenant and building owner. The owner and tenants were given an "After the Fire" information booklet.

July 2, 2018 11:12 pm FD responded a on a report of a structure fire at a ROTARY DRIVE residence as reported by a neighbor. On arrival fire showing on the exterior of the structure on the "B" side.  A 1 ¾-inch hose line stretched to control the fire on the exterior. FD forced entry, to check the interior conditions and perform a search. FD found fire in the basement, first floor, and attic area on the "B" side.   A signal eleven was transmitted with a request for a second alarm to the scene. Hose lines were stretched to the basement, first floor, and attic to extinguish the fire. Vertical ventilation was completed on the roof. Primary and secondary searches were completed on all floors with negative results. A third alarm was transmitted for additional manpower and station coverage was requested from Union County Fire Mutual Aid. Fire personnel completed extensive overhaul in the structure with many hidden pockets of fire found. Personnel completed final extinguishment of the fire. Personnel completed salvage operations throughout the first floor. Union County Fire Investigation unit handled the cause an origin investigation.  The building official was notified of the incident. A fire watch was conducted and the building was turned over to the restoration company. There was one minor injury to an out of town fire department personnel.

July 7, 2018 10:00 pm FD responded to a FERNWWOD ROAD residence on a fire alarm activation.  FD investigated and found first floor stair well smoke detector activated due to unattended cooking in the kitchen.  Cooking operations secured, home vented, and system restored.

July 31, 2018 12:22 am   FD responded to a MORRIS AVENUE MULTI FAMILY RESIDENCE for an odor of smoke in the building.  On arrival met with tenants and began searching the structure. Smoke was detected on all floors and the basement.  A first floor bathroom ceiling fan was found to be melted and partially fallen to the floor. A modified signal 10 was transmitted and Millburn FD was requested to respond.  The ceiling was opened up and confirmed charring to the wood framing with no active fire. The ceiling was overhauled to the limits of char and electricity to the building was cut at the main breaker.  An investigation was initiated and smoke/ debris was removed from the structure. The property owner arrived and was instructed that electricity could not be restored until an electrician made repairs.  Command was terminated.