01/15/2017 at 02:12 hrs. -  FD dispatched To ROUTE 78 WESTBOUND for car fire.  On arrival found a fully involved motor vehicle fire on the shoulder of the highway.  Fire personnel extinguished the fire with fire apparatus and overhauled the vehicle and checked for extension.  A Signal 10 of off-duty personnel transmitted to provide station coverage while units operated on the highway.  Fire personnel remained on scene until the vehicle was removed by the tow.

01/16/2017 at 00:05 hrs. - FD dispatched to the intersection of GEORGE ST & SPRINGFIELD AVE for a report of an odor of natural gas. On arrival investigation found that PSE&G had a vent stack on George St that was producing gas levels of 1.35 to 2.4 ppm.  PSE&G responded and released the FD on their arrival.

1/16/2017 at 17:16 hrs.  - FD dispatched to 291 Main Street in Millburn on automatic aid, for a report of smoke in the building. On arrival, Millburn Fire Department requested Summit Fire Department to stand by while the Millburn FD investigated. The Millburn FD Incident Commander released Summit FD when investigation complete.

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01/18/2017 at 14:35 hrs.  - FD dispatched GLENWOOD PL for a Medical assist back-up call. On arrival, FD found Summit EMS on scene. FD assisted Summit EMS with patient packaging.  

01/19/2017 at 18:37 hrs.  - FD dispatched with Millburn FD to ROUTE 24 EASTBOUND prior to Exit 9-A for a report of a multi vehicle MVA with injuries.  On arrival found a three car MVA with three occupants with injuries. Summit FD along with Summit First Aid and Millburn FD began medical care for the injured victims. Summit FD personnel applied absorbent material to a small coolant spill and stood by until the removal of the three vehicles.

1/20/2017 at 11:33 hrs. - FD dispatched to Springfield HQ as part of a Union County Mutual Aid cover assignment while Springfield FD operated at a fire in an apartment building. Summit remained in Springfield for approximately 1.5 hours.

1/21/2017 at 17:24 hrs.  - FD dispatched to MADISON AVENUE residence for a report of a gas leak inside a structure. On arrival, FD personnel checked the house with a gas meter.  Zero readings for natural gas were found. The odor was traced to a dry "P" trap in the basement. FD personnel poured water into the trap. PSEG arrived on location and released the FD. The homeowner was advised of our findings. No further FD action taken.

1/23/2017 at 12:43hrs. - FD dispatched to STANLEY AVE for a report of a power outage.  On arrival, FD found a power outage in the area and primary wires burning on the ground. Investigation found that the cause to be a large tree limb had fallen and snapped the power and phone lines.  SFD notified both JCP&L and Verizon to respond. FD remained on scene until JCP&L arrived and de-energized the wires.

1/24/2017 at 08:44 hrs. -  FD dispatched to the area of 81 PASSAIC AVENUE for a motor vehicle accident with injuries and wires on the vehicle. On arrival, FD found a one-car motor vehicle accident with a down traffic light, down utility pole and wires on the motor vehicle. FD found the driver out of the vehicle, and the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad arrived for patient care.  Jersey Central Power and Light notified for repairs. A safe area established due to the down power lines on the vehicle.  JCP&L arrived and assumed command of the down power line  There was a need to shut down several feeds had to be shut down to service the transmission lines. The FD was requested to remain on location until the transmission lines were shut down and the vehicle was removed.

1/25/2017 at 19:54 hrs.  - FD dispatched to a HOBART AVENUE residence for a report of smoke coming from an outlet.   On arrival FD found smoke coming from an electrical outlet on the first floor.  FD secured power to the outlet and removed it to check for extension with none found. The area was checked with the thermal imaging camera.  A space heater that had previously been plugged into the outlet and the outlet were removed from the residence due to the fire damage. The homeowner was advised to contact a licensed electrician for repairs.

1/26/2017 at 07:40 hrs. -  FD dispatched for an outside odor of natural gas in the area of Jefferson School. On arrival, FD found an odor of gasoline in area.  FD personnel checked the school and no odor found inside. FD personnel located a small gasoline spill in the street. Absorbent material applied to spill. No source for the gasoline found.

1/28/2017 at 18:25 hrs.  - FD dispatched to a LONDONDERRY WAY residence for a residential fire alarm. Investigation found a smoke condition on the first floor. The homeowner reported he extinguished a fire in the oven with a fire extinguisher prior to FD arrival. FD personnel checked the area with a thermal imaging camera with no extension found. FD personnel setup a smoke ejector to remove the smoke from home. The homeowner reset the fire alarm.

1/29/2017 at 09:25 hrs. - FD dispatched to an EDGEWOOD ROAD residence for an activated fire alarm.  Upon arrival the homeowner had already reset the alarm.  Investigation found the alarm was caused by burned food in the microwave oven.  Natural ventilation was performed to remove residual smoke.

1/29/2017 at 14:14 hrs.  - FD dispatched to a HILLCREST AVENUE residence for a reported odor of burning in the structure.  Upon arrival homeowners advised an odor of burning in the left corner bedroom of the second floor.  Investigation found a slight odor in that area, and faintly in the surrounding areas.  All heating, lighting, and electrical services checked, with no sources of the odor found.  Checks of the attic, 1st floor, and basement were negative. Thermal cameras found no unusual heat sources.  A check of the exterior found no source for the odor.  The odor dissipated and did not return, even with the operation of the forced hot air heating systems.  Home owners advised to call FD if odor returned.  Smoke detectors checked and found them to be operational.

01/30/2017 at 20:12 hrs. - FD dispatched to 129 SUMMIT AVE for a passenger vehicle fire.  On arrival fire found in motor compartment, and spreading to passenger compartment, fire was also found “running” down street as fuel was on fire. Fire personnel used a 1 3/4 hose line and fire-suppression foam agent to extinguish fire.  A Signal 10 transmitted for station coverage.   All occupants were out of car.  FD conducted overhaul of the vehicle and cleanup of the foam from in the roadway.  Rock salt was applied to the adjacent sidewalk to prevent a hazardous condition from freezing water.  Notification was made to the Summit DPW to apply road salt to the roadway.  Fire units remained on scene until the vehicle was removed by the tow.

02/01/2017 at 02:21 hrs. - FD dispatched to a RIDGEDALE AVENUE residence for an odor of gasoline in the house.  On arrival FD detected an odor of gas in the basement.  FD checked house and could not locate source.  FD notified Union County Haz-Mat to respond to check the house with specialized meters.  Haz-Mat detected high levels of hydrocarbons at the floor level.  FD checked house once again and found a gas can in garage that had leaked between the slab and foundation. FD personnel ventilated the basement.  Units left scene when meter readings were at a safe level.