04/02/2017 at 04:17 hrs - FD dispatched To ROUTE 78 WESTBOUND for a motor vehicle accident with injuries. On scene to find a two car MVA with a complaint of injuries in vehicle 2, vehicle 1 was being attended by both NJ State & Berkley Heights PD. The driver of vehicle 2 was attended to by FD Personnel until the Summit First Aid Squad arrived and assumed patient care. The power to vehicle 1 was secured and absorbent material was spread. NJ State PD remained on scene for the tow, command was terminated.

04/03/2017 at 13:28 hrs - FD responded to a Maple Street business for a reported elevator entrapment. On arrival found the car stuck between 1st and 2nd floor, with 1 occupant.  FD was able to relocate the elevator car to lower floor and access the passenger.  The elevator placed out of service, awaiting repairs by Otis Elevator.  The emergency call system was also checked and found operational.

4/03/2017 at 15:50 hrs - FD responded to Route 24 Eastbound for a reported motor vehicle accident, with overturned vehicle.  While responding updated information gave multiple locations, and indicated 2 overturned vehicles.  Millburn FD responded on automatic aid.  On arrival at the bottom of the Hobart Avenue entrance ramp, a 2 car MVA found, with both cars being overturned.  All occupants were out of the vehicles, and all were indicating they were not injured.  Summit EMS arrived on scene checked involved parties.  Summit FD provided scene safety with vehicle placement, and applied absorbent material on fluids in the roadway.  Summit FD remained on scene until all involved vehicles were in the right shoulder, and released by State Police.  

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04/04/2017 at 01:47 hrs - FD responded to the intersection of SPRINGFIELD and SUMMIT AVENUES for a report of a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. On arrival found a two car MVA.  FD found one person trapped in their vehicle.  A signal ten was transmitted for station coverage. Summit EMS handled patient care while FD personnel extricated the driver from the vehicle. Summit EMS transported the patient to the hospital. FD personnel remained on location until all vehicles were removed from the scene.

04/04/2017 at 16:49 hrs - FD responded to BROAD ST & ELM STREET for a reported trash can fire called in by a passerby.  On arrival FD found small fire in garbage container.  FD extinguished the fire by removing the object and smothering the fire.  There was no damage to the garbage can or property.  The incident was determined to be accidental possibly caused by a discarded cigarette.

04/05/17 at 11:12 hrs - FD responded to a MORRIS AVENUE apartment complex on a back-up medical call.  FD personnel stabilized a 71 year old male who needed transport to hospital.  FD personnel remain on scene with patient until ambulance arrived for transport to hospital.

04/06/2017 at 08:16 hrs - FD responded to ROUTE 78 WEST, mile marker 45.8  on a request for medical aid. On arrival FD established a safe area with fire apparatus so SVFAS could provide patient care on highway. The fire department remained on location until released by the State Police.

04/07/2017 at 20:46 hrs -FD responded to a NEW ENGLAND AVENUE apartment complex to asisst Summit Police. On arrival PD requested a wash down following a medical aid. Summit FD personnel washed down the walkway and steps alongside the apartment building.

04/08/2017 at 14:35 hrs - FD responded to a SPRINGFIELD AVENUE vehicle parking area for a report of people trapped in an elevator.  On arrival FD secured the power to the elevator and forced entry into the elevator door using the elevator door key.  The occupant was unharmed and the elevator was returned to normal function after the occupant was safely removed from the elevator.

04/09/2017 at  08:00 hrs - FD responded to a VALLEY VIEW AVENUE residence  for a report of a water leak in the basement.  On arrival FD found the hot water heater was leaking on the floor. FD shut down the heater and assisted the homeowner with vacuuming the water.  The leak had flooded the boiler room/workshop area and parts of the finished basement. The homeowner was advised to notify their insurance carrier and to have a plumbing contractor restore the hot water heater.  

04/10/2017 at 12:07hrs - FD dispatched to ROUTE 24 EAST, MM 8.1 for a motor  vehicle accident with injuries.  Once on scene FD provided initial patient assessment and treatment until relieved of patient care by Millburn First Aid Squad.  Patient was transported by MFAS.

04/11/2017 at 04:21 hrs - FD responded to a BROAD STREET residence  on a report of garbage burning in the driveway.  While enroute dispatch updated that the fire had extended to a detached garage with several cars in close proximity.   Millburn FD was requested to be dispatched to the scene.  On arrival, command requested a Signal 11 for a working structure fire. The exposures were checked with no extension found. A station coverage assignment was requested from Union County mutual aid.   A 1.75" line was stretched off E2 up the neighboring driveway to attack the fire by the T1 crew and LT4.  Entry into the garage was made through one of the overhead doors by the truck driver and LT4 to check for extension.  Millburn was assigned to disconnect the power feed to the garage in the main house.    After the main exterior fire was extinguished, the interior was opened up and hot spots were extinguished.  The fire was placed under control.  The fire was investigated and  a report will be on file.  Once all fire department operations were complete, the scene was turned over to the homeowner.

04/11/2017 at 12:36 hrs - FD responded to a SPRINGFIELD AVENUE business for an inside odor of burning on the second floor. On arrival the occupants reported a strong burning odor in the 2nd floor construction office. An investigation found a blower motor above the drop ceiling had seized. Power to the unit was disconnected. Building maintenance personnel were going to call for repairs. No further FD action taken.

04/11/2017 at 15:05 hrs - FD responded to a RIVER ROAD fuel station for a reported fire.  While enroute, dispatch notified units of a burn victim and possibly a car fire at the pumps. On arrival Initial investigation revealed no fire showing and an employee with burn injuries. Summit EMS arrived on location and handled patient care for the injured patient. Other employees on location stated they believed there was a fire in the underground storage tanks. FD personnel found one emergency fuel shut off switch depressed and FD personnel shut down the second one. Unit One arrived on location and assumed command of the incident. A signal ten for station coverage was transmitted. A 1 ¾” foam hand line was stretched and FD personnel forced entry to the tank. There was no visible fire inside the underground storage tank. FD personnel checked for extension and none was found. A signal 102 was transmitted.  The on duty detective, Union County Arson, and Sheriffs ID were notified to responded to the scene. OSHA was also notified of the incident. Property owner was notified to have their engineers respond to the scene to make repairs and deem the equipment safe for use.  Maintenance personnel arrived on location and checked the tanks. Maintenance company remained on location to effect repairs. The scene was turned over to property owner’s personnel.

04/12/2017 at 0046 hrs - FD responded to a BADEAU AVENUE residence  for an outside odor of smoke. On arrival FD found an unattended fire pit in the rear of a home. The homeowner was advised to extinguish the fire.

04/13/2017 at 01:03 hrs - FD was dispatched to an ORION ROAD, Berkeley Heights residence for a reported structure fire on a request from Mutual Aid.  A recall was transmitted for station coverage.  On arrival, SFD was assigned as the RIC team.  Crew stood by to assist as needed until released by County Mutual Aid coordinator.

04/13/2017 at 07:56 hrs - While returning from previous incident, Engine 3 was approached by a female pedestrian who had a concern about a sidewalk grate.  Pedestrian was concerned that the grate, which covered a basement access, was in disrepair and was a hazard to anyone walking past.  FD checked the grate and mead notification to the building department after returning to HQ.  

04/14/2017 at 20:39 hrs - FD  responded to 315 CENTRAL AVENUE  Plainfield, NJ  on an urgent request for one engine to the scene of a working structure fire.  While enroute, Summit was re-directed to the cover assignment at Plainfield fire Headquarters.  While at the cover we responded to a possible grill fire at one location and to an activated alarm at another location.  MAC 8 had command for the first incident and a Plainfield Captain had command for the second incident.  A Modified 10 and Modified 11 were requested for station coverage in Summit.

04/15/2017 at 16:57 hrs - FD responded to report of a motor vehicle fire on ROUTE 78. On arrival found a fully involved vehicle fire.  A Signal 10 for station coverage was transmitted.  Springfield Engine Two arrived on location and stretched an inch and three quarter hand line to assist Summit with extinguishing fire. As incident was in Springfield the Springfield Captain assumed command of the incident.  Summit FD personnel assisted overhauling. Once the fire was under control the Summit FD units were released by the Incident Commander.