Summit Fire Department Blotter


October 18, 2017 at 3:22 pm FD units dispatched to a Morris Avenue business for an alarm activation.  On arrival investigation found that a malfunctioning temporary light fixture had arced and activated a detector on the first floor.  FD removed the fixture and reset the alarm

October 20, 2017 at 22:42 FD dispatched to Summit Train Station for a report of a trash can smoking. On arrival found a cigarette receptacle smoking.  A pressurized water can was used to wet down the container. The container was overhauled. No further FD action taken. NJ  Transit PD notified.

October 21, 2017 at 11:09 am FD units dispatched to a Harrison Court residence for a report of smoke in the building and alarms sounding.  Millburn FD was dispatched automatic aid. On arrival, light smoke was showing from an open door. Homeowner was outside and reported the house was empty. FD investigation and found a pot left unattended on the stove. Fire was contained to the covered pot, no extension was found. MFD response was cancelled. Ventilation was set up to remove smoke. Prior to turning house back over to homeowner, FD took readings with a CO meter and found none.

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October 24, 2017 at 10:46 am FD units dispatched to a Springfield Avenue Assisted living center for a commercial fire alarm. On arrival and investigation found a malfunctioning HVAC until in room 331. Building maintenance staff disconnected the unit and removed it from the room. FD personnel checked the area with the thermal imaging camera and no extension was found. FD personnel reset the fire alarm

October 24, 2017 at 9:31pm FD units dispatched to 25 Franklin Place for a report of a motor vehicle accident with rollover.  On arrival found a two car accident with one vehicle on its roof.  Summit PD and EMS were already on location and confirmed one patient was trapped in the vehicle. A signal ten for station coverage was transmitted. FD personnel gained access to the vehicle for Summit EMS to begin patient assessment.  FD was able to remove patient from car.  FD applied absorbant material to a fluids spill. The second vehicle involved was parked and when it was struck it made contact with telephone pole. JCPL was requested and responded  to check the pole. FD remained on scene until both vehicles were removed.

October 27, 2017 12:13 am FD units dispatched to Route 78 West at mile marker 50.4 for a report of a truck fire.  On arrival checked in at command post with Springfield FD Incident Commander. The Incident Commander assigned Summit FD  to assist with unloading the cargo of the vehicle. A modified Signal 11 was transmitted for station coverage. Units remained on location until released by command.

October 28, 2017 at 5:31 PM FD units were dispatched to a Passiac Avenue residence with an automatic aid engine company from Millburn Fire Department for a report of smoke coming from a building. On arrival and investigation found a smoke machine on the front porch was the cause of the smoke. Millburn FD and Summit EMS were canceled.

October 29, 2017 at 08:15 am FD units dispatched to West End Avenue residence for an activated Carbon Monoxide alarm.  On arrival and upon entry to the residence readings of 20ppm CO were found. FD personnel found readings of 50ppm in the basement and 12ppm in the second floor. PSEG was requested and responded to the scene. FD personnel shut down the boiler in the basement and ventilated the residence. All readings for CO were brought down to zero. The homeowner was advised of our actions and told to have a licensed contractor make repairs to the boiler. The homeowner was advised to replace the CO detectors in the residence.

October 30, 2017 at 12:30 pm FD units dispatched to the intersection of Ashland Road and Tulip Street for a report of smoke coming from a vehicle as a result of a motor vehicle accident.  Units arrived on scene to find a two car MVA.  Summit PD, First Aid Squad and medics were already on scene tending to patients.  FD personnel began to isolate power to the two vehicles, applied absorbent material to the fluids in the roadway and notified JCP&L and Verizon to inspect the telephone pole.  FD remained on scene until the vehicles were removed.

October 31, 2017 at 4:29 pm units dispatched to the intersection of Morris Avenue and Ashwood Avenue on a report of a four car motor vehicle accident. Summit PD and First Aid squad were on scene. FD assisted with medical car with all patients refusing care and signing RMA forms.  All four vehicles were secured and absorbent was applied to fluids in the road way. The Summit Fire Department remained on location until the vehicles were removed.

11/01/2017 9:40 AM FD units responded to SUMMIT AVENUE laundromat for a report of smoke in the building. Millburn responded automatic aid. On arrival a moderate smoke condition was found on the 2nd floor. A Signal 10 was transmitted for station coverage.  A check of the structure found the cause to be a malfunctioning HVAC unit. The unit was secured, and the building was ventilated.

11/01/2017 7:28 PM   Summit Engine 2 responded into PLAINFIELD for mutual aid, station coverage. A modified signal ten was transmitted for station coverage. Summit FD personnel stood by in Plainfield until released by Union County Mutual Aid.

11/02/2017 8:01 PM FD units dispatched to ASHLAND ROAD for a reported motor vehicle accident with injuries. Summit EMS and PD were on scene upon arrival. FD stabilized the vehicles and established a safe area around the incident. Summit EMS provided patient care. Fire personnel remained on scene until the vehicles were removed by the tow.

11/05/2017 5:36 PM FD units dispatched for a report of wires down in the roadway located on PLYMOUTH ROAD. On arrival found several communication wires down in the street. Wires were pulled down form a house on PLYMOUTH and from a house on ASHLAND.  Verizon notified for repairs.  

11/05/2017 1:47 AM FD units dispatched for a possible car fire at BROAD STREET and ROUTE 124. While en-route, dispatch stated the incident had moved to ROUTE 24 EAST and then again to ROUTE 24 WEST in the area of MM 8.7. Upon arrival, B/C 1 established command for a 2 car mva against the center median guardrail. FD personnel started initial patient assessment until relieved of patient care by SFAS and medics.

11/07/2017 9:58 PM FD units dispatch to 512 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE Summit City Hall for a report directly to Fire Headquarters of an odor of burning in the second floor conference room.  On arrival FD found an HVAC fan above the 2nd floor men's room had seized.  FD secured the fan and checked the area.  City Hall head of maintenance was notified and responded.

11/07/2017 8:14 AM FD units responded to a GLENDALE ROAD residence for a medical emergency. Summit PD was on scene prior to arrival, CPR in progress. Fire personnel assisted with patient care and CPR until Atlantic medics arrived on scene. FD units remained on scene until released.

11/09/2017 7:31 PM FD units dispatched to a BEAUVOIR AVENUE medical facility for a report of an elevator entrapment. On arrival found one occupant trapped in elevator nine. The elevator was stuck between the fourth and fifth floor. Building personnel had secured power to the effected elevator car. FD removed the occupant from the elevator using a step ladder. The elevator was placed out of service and building personnel called for repairs. No further FD action taken.

11/10/2017 8:20 PM FD units dispatched to an ASHWOOD ROAD residence for a reported fire in the basement. PD arrived prior to FD and reported nothing showing.  FD arrived and found resident outside reporting a problem in the basement. FD checked basement and found a plumber working on the boiler. Millburn FD auto response was cancelled by the IC. The plumber explained to the FD that he had been working on the boiler and that the boiler showed signs of a misfire.  FD checked house with a meter and found low levels of CO throughout. The house was vented using a PPV fan prior to letting the residents back in. Plumber advised the FD that the boiler was now working properly.

11/12/2017 9:45 PM FD Dispatched to HILLSIDE AVENUE residence for a report of a jug of paint thinner in the roadway. Upon arrival we found a 2.5 gallon jug of paint thinner which had fallen in the road and partially spilled on the road. Less than 2.5 gallons of product spilled on the ground. Absorbent material was spread on the spill and cleaned up for disposal.

11/13/2017 10:08 PM FD units dispatched to a GLENWOOD PLACE residence with an automatic aid engine company from Millburn FD for a report of a smoke condition inside the apartment. On arrival there was light smoke condition from the front door of the apartment. The building super shut off the stove prior to FD arrival and removed one dog. FD personnel checked the kitchen for extension and none was found. Millburn FD was canceled. FD removed the cooking container from the residence. Ventilation fan was used to clear the apartment of smoke. The building super secured the apartment.

11/14/2017 4:54 PM FD units dispatched to a HOBART AVENUE residence for a report of an odor of something burning on the 1st floor.  On arrival resident stated that they had shut off the furnace and dryer prior to evacuating.  FD found that the dryer had an accumulation of lint within the dryer as well as a blocked vent.  FD shut off the gas service to the dryer and instructed the homeowner to have the dryer cleaned along with the dryer vent before next use.

11/15/2017 3:41 PM FD dispatched to 125 KENT PLACE BLVD. on a report of a motor vehicle accident with a vehicle on its side. Personnel arrived on scene to find one car on its side with the occupant still in the vehicle. FD personnel began to stabilize the vehicle.  A signal 10 was transmitted for station coverage. After stabilization was completed one member was assigned to the interior of the car to check the driver.  FD began to cut the windshield to remove it.  Once removed, the driver was taken out through the front windshield area. Summit First Aid Squad assumed patient care. A second vehicle, a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis, was checked and no action was needed. FD remained on scene until all vehicles were removed.

The opinions expressed herein are the writer's alone, and do not reflect the opinions of or anyone who works for is not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the writer.

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