SUMMIT, NJ - You could say that it was third time is the charm as Summit was able to finally celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Municipal Golf Course with its A Night at the Muni.

The ceremony and the night of golf was originally scheduled at the end of last summer but rain and then a little thing called Hurricane Sandy delayed the festivities until Sunday.

Before a rare night of golf, a ceremony was held to honor the area's best golfers and those that have helped keep the municipal golf course running smoothly.

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The night was filled with golf in the dark including glowing golf balls, flashing flag sticks for the holes and lights that directed players to the green that looked like a landing lights at Newark Airport.

In addition there was a tribute to the designer of the course, Hal Purdy, by his son-in-law Steve Pardee.
Pardee pointed out that Purdy had a special feeling for the little golf course among the hundreds that he designed and renovated during his career.

"He always had a special feeling for this course," said Pardee. "and he called it his little gem. He's done a whole lot of work and always had a spatial feeling for public courses."

Pardee also told some stories about his father-in-law of how the Summit course became an example for other area towns that were looking to building their own cause like Millburn and New Providence.

And Pardee has been a loyal follower of the Muni Course as he has brought his children and grandchildren to play at the course.

Councilman Al Dill talked about the history of the course and pointed out that there was not unanimous approval for the new course at that time in the '60s while the Common Council voted 6-1 to back the course that cost $80,000 to build. "There wasn't complete enthusiasm for it, but it was enough to pass the common council," said Dill.

And Dill pointed out some of the people who were at the ceremony about the 45 years. "We've gotten together for 45 years of great golfing," said Dill.

And one of those workers that have given the Summit community great golf is Tom Gerrity who was given the Golden Rake Award for his work in keeping the greens in tip top shape.

Along with Gerrity, the city honored a pair of golf attendants who have been around for almost half of the course's history in Margaret Reynolds and Roland Singer.

The course also honored the 2012 tournament winners including: Ian Drummond, Liberty Open; Margaret Robb, Youth Tournament, Girls; Alex Supran, Youth Tournament, Boys; Sue Robert, Maria McCullough, Mary Kull, Betsy Phillips, Women's Tournament; Joe Birofka, Senior Tournament, Men and Marge Remeika, Senior Tournament.

Judith Leblein Josephs, director of the Summit Community Programs, said that the Muni Course is a great place to get the family out from inside of the house and away from the computer and television set. "To see the families come together, it's a night that they will remember forever," said Josephs. "To get out of the house and take advantage of a walk in the park for nine holes."

In addition to celebrating the long history of the course, the night was also a benefit for the Senior Connections Bus. "Not only are we celebrating the 45th anniversary, but it was for a great cause," said Mark Ozoroski, assistant director of the Summit Community Programs.