The thought of uniforms in Summit, New Jersey does not appear to have much support in the middle school.  A quick survey of one class showed that only 1 of 24 students supported the idea.

When asked if uniforms was a good idea eighth grade students Teia R. and Ali J. both exclaimed “NO!”  Ali then went on to say that “People would hate school more then they do now” and “uniforms are expensive.”

School boards across New Jersey argue that having uniforms make everything less stressful and reduce bullying.  However when students were asked if uniforms would help these things, most of them did not think so.  Eighth grader Maja G. said that bullying would reduce “maybe a little bit but not a lot.  There’s not that much bullying in this school.”  All other students that were interviewed agreed that students do not get bullied, especially on their clothes.  When asked if uniforms would make life less stressful Ali laughed and said “No, I would get in trouble for not wearing it!”

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If Summit did have uniforms or a strict dress code, there becomes an issue of students breaking the rules of the uniforms.  Teia thought that “a bunch of people would find loop holes.” Maja brought up that “There are always people that break the rules.”

Out of all of the students interviewed no one thought that uniforms should be in the high school. Ali thought that “elementary and maybe the middle school” would be okay if they had uniforms.

Many websites including Ebsco’s “Points Of View” have a strong opinion on uniforms in public schools.  Matt Forster, the author of this article, wrote that “uniforms are a violation of student’s expression.” He also wrote that “schools don’t have authority to tell students what to wear.”

However many schools in New Jersey have already begun uniforms or dress codes.  The elementary and middle schools in Newark have had uniforms.  Many other schools have opted for a “color scheme dress code” instead of uniforms.  These schools include Plainfield, Linden, Belleville, and Asbury Park, according to’s Michael Rispoli.