The early snow storm of October 29, 2011 caused a great deal of damage to many of Summit’s parks. The Summit Municipal Golf Course suffered great storm damage causing the temporary closing of the facility. After careful examination of the property, the City has surveyed the damage to the course and have deemed the property unsafe for the balance of the season. This is a big disappointment to the staff of the Department of Community Programs and of course to the golf membership.


“From outside of the fence, it’s hard to believe that there was any damage at all”, stated Mark Ozoroski, Assistant Director. “The real damage occurred above the course, in our magnificent trees.” There are dozens of trees that have hanging branches and limbs of significant size. Many of the trees on the course are mature and very large. There is a large stock of maple trees that suffered the most damage. Removal of these dangerous limbs will require countless hours of work. In addition, staff is challenged by turf that is extremely wet and not able to handle the large bucket trucks needed to do this work.

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Regrettably, the Department of Community Programs has no choice but to close the Muni for the remainder of the season. The DCP is grateful that this damage occurred at the end of the season with so little time left.  The City will work throughout the winter months to bring the Muni back to its fabulous condition when it opens again in the spring of 2012.