I write to publicly thank my long-time friend Sandy Bloom for running for Common Council, and to encourage residents of Ward 1 to vote for her. Summit needs Sandy.
Summit is a wonderful town at a difficult time. Unfortunately, some of the difficulties we face here are self-inflicted, brought on by stridency and divisiveness among a few of our elected officials. This has not only been brutal for those involved, it has taken up time and energy that is better used to address the challenges of the current economic climate and to forge a successful future for the families and businesses that call Summit home . We need to change this situation.
Sandy Bloom can help.

Sandy has a deep and broad record of service and leadership in Summit. This includes the Board of Education, the PTO of Lincoln-Hubbard School, the PTA-PTO Presidents’ Council, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Mayor’s Valuing Diversity Steering Committee, and Temple
Sandy has a track record of working collaboratively. Recent endorsements by present and former colleagues in the volunteer arena attest to Sandy’s ability to forge productive working relationships that focus on solving complex issues. Her service to our community has come through appointments by both Republican and Democrat mayors.
Sandy is consistently praised for being a strong, independent thinker who values the opinions of others. She combines thoughtful questioning with both the ability and the willingness to listen actively to others. I have experienced this myself over the past few years in wide-ranging conversations we have shared about the ways city planning and zoning affect our town, issues I have cared deeply about during my own 17-year career of service on the planning and zoning boards here. 
Sandy believes in pragmatic, non-partisan solutions to local problems and knows how to work with others to obtain them. This is what Summit needs now.
Vicki L. Weber
Summit Planning Board, 2002-2010
Transfer Station Redevelopment Task Force Chairman, 2005-2008
Summit Zoning Board of Adjustment, 1993-2001 (Chairman 2000-2001)