SUMMIT, NJ -  The State of New Jersey this past Summer issued an amended motor vehicles law to target distracted driving.  The amended law does not allow for the use of any hand-held device in a motor vehicle even while stopped in traffic or at a traffic signal. 

The Summit Police Department has been strongly enforcing the amended law, and will continue to do so particularly during the month of September when school children are back-to-school and pedestrian safety is a central priority.

“Texting and driving is a serious safety concern,” explains Summit Police Department Lieutenant David L. Richel.  “But the Summit Police are encouraging people to avoid all forms of distracted driving. including eating, applying makeup, and programming your GPS to name a few.  We will be out there looking to enforce the new law, and help to make Summit an even safer community. Put down your phone, pay attention to the road, and save a life.”

The amended distracted driving law includes penalties and progressive fines for multiple offenses.  The fine for a first offense is $200, doubling for second offense to $400 dollars, and three or more offenses will result in a $600 dollar fine. 
For third or subsequent violations, it is in the discretion of the court to determine if the person will forfeit the right to operate a motor vehicle for a period of 90 days.  In addition, a person convicted of a third or subsequent violation shall be assessed three motor vehicle penalty points.