SUMMIT, NJ - The Summit Police Department’s Youth Academy, an increasingly popular program designed to provide area youth with the opportunity to gain an understanding of the role of the police officer, recently completed its 10th season with 45 cadets graduating In ceremonies attended by family members, Police Chief Robert Weck, and members of the Common Council.

Ranging in age from 11 to 14, the cadets experience the same types of drills and physical training that the men and women receive in today’s police academies. In addition to receiving overviews of criminal investigations, evidence recovery, and patrol tactics, the cadets are provided with hands-on scenario training in which they process crime scenes, conduct high-risk motor vehicle stops, and even have an opportunity to experience some of the difficulties of emergency vehicle operation by driving golf carts alongside their instructor.  

During their visit to the John H. Stamler Police Academy in Scotch Plains, the cadets utilize the same obstacle course used by police recruits, receive unarmed defense instruction, and undergo firearms simulator training which demonstrates the split-second decisions that police officers must frequently make.  
The cadets also attend demonstrations from various specialized units that are available to law enforcement, such as the Union County K-9 Unit, SWAT team, Bomb Squad, and the Summit Fire Department.  

Summit Police Chief Robert Weck commented that, “The mission of the Summit Police Youth Academy is to familiarize our area youth with the role of the police officer, and provide them the opportunity to learn respect for the law, personal responsibility, and the importance of teamwork, all through positive interaction with local police officers and exposure to the challenges of responsibility of police work."  
Weck added, "We believe that we are accomplishing this year after year, and are extremely proud of our graduates as well as the officers involved with the program. This year, 20  of our graduates participated in Summit’s National Night Out Against Crime, where they proudly wore their uniforms and demonstrated the drills they had learned.”  

Chief Weck thanked Detective Sergeant Rick Proctor, the Academy’s Program Director, Police Officer Gerald McDermott, lead instructor, Police Officers Leland Griffin, Paulo Santos, Charlie Daly, and John Brunetto, Academy Secretary Pamela Ferreira, and former Youth Academy graduates Danielle Crosson, Will Zagorski, Jocelyn Mendez, and Angelis Rivas who assisted the Academy instructors.

2014 Summit Police Academy Graduates
July Session 

William Bermel
Kathryn Chang
Griffith DiSabato
Saul Tambonero
Katelin Hannigan
Michael Malnati
David Parella
Kiana Yip
Sean Purce
Tyler Kidd
William Zipf
Henry Veloso
John Crossen
Emily Trimino
Brian Ugalde
Theo Hodges
Tyler Wright
Joe Purce III
Colin Kidd
Daniel Cambronero
Sam Malnati
Nicholas Frank
Thomas Johansen
Scott O'Connell
John Spitznagel

August Session

Juan Carlos Bolanos
Megan Chang
Christian Cadmus
James Rodriguez
Michael Bonomo
Julissa Lopez
Scott Cohen
Rober Wohl
Camden Fessler
Sydney Rojas
Kellyn Amozoqueno
Cole Baldwin
Jose Morales
Jack Chasin
Anna Makendonska
Camila Howard
Ethan Schwall
Daniel Campos
Hunter Cantone
Nicholas Esposito