MONTCLAIR, NJ — Correctly spelling the word “electricity,” Charlotte McLaughlin, a fifth grader at Holy Trinity School, took first place in the Regional Spelling Bee Competition held in Montclair this weekend. Allison Guo, a fifth grader from Summit, took home second place and Arboria Abrams, a student at Franklin Elementary School in Westfield, came in third. Abrams was the only fourth grader to place in the competition.

All three winners will go on to compete in the state bee in New Brunswick on March 7.

“I can say hands-down that this is the most nerve-racking event I’ve ever attended — and I’ve learned that ‘nerve-wracking’ is a recent variant — far more tense, for the parents, than any sporting event or musical recital,” said Arboria’s father, Michael Abrams. “If I had to compete against those kids I would have lost many times over. There are a lot of bright kids in the region.”