We have known Mike Wattick for over 20 years. Electing Mike to serve on Summit’s Common Council would be a tremendous win for the citizens of Summit. He supports fiscally responsible policies and is qualified to dig deep into taxing and spending issues based on his education and career.

He supports the City of Summit as a long-time resident, dedicated volunteer, loyal consumer, and parent of four children attending our public schools and participating in various programs and sports. He works hard and helps those who need it, from family to strangers, without complaint or seeking credit. Anyone who knows Mike well knows that he does not spend his time or conversation on passing judgment or being negative. He wants to make people happier and to strengthen our City’s financial position. He wants to improve the beauty and usefulness of Summit’s parks. 

Whether he’s speaking about his children or Summit or a cause he supports, his enthusiasm, concern, desire to do the right thing, and ability to come up with rational, creative solutions shine through. Summit will be better off if Mike is voted on to Common Council.

Tena and Peter Lambrianakos