The long awaited Bocce Pavilion for the Summit Seniors Bocce Program arrived today from a plant in Pennsylvania. Within hours, a group of Amish builders had the super structure erected to the delight of the Summit Senior Bocce Club. To celebrate the raising of the timbers, the Senior Sing ! Program gathered around the structure to sing God Bless America in celebration of this project! Designed by the Rosen Group of Summit and built by Lapp Structures of  New Holland,  PA; the pavilion was partly funded through the Union County Open Space Trust Fund Grant Program for 2010 and 2011. The Union County Open Space Fund matched Summit funding for the project.

Once located at the Village Green near Summit Avenue, the court was moved to the rear of the Summit Community Center to place it more convenient to other senior programs. The former location was also problematic, as young children from the nearby Mabie Playground would often dig holes in the bocce court. Frustrated by the heavy maintenance and a decline in membership, the court was moved to 100 Morris Avenue and the program erupted. In 2011, the Summit Seniors Bocce Club challenged Overlook Medical Center’s Community Health Division in the Macaroni Open. Public Health Nurses and other staff from Overlook Medical Center, learned the game of bocce, competed in a tournament and enjoyed a macaroni lunch, courtesy of Overlook Medical Center.

This full sized, protected and regulation court can now host bocce programs from the region. The Summit Senior Bocce Club looks forward to challenging area teams now that they can host the tournaments. A fundraising campaign is being formulated to help to purchase benches and landscape the area. An official celebration will follow in May. The game of bocce, often associated with the Italian culture is popular worldwide.

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Now that the court is complete, residents of Summit and neighbors to the Summit Community Center at 100 Morris Avenue are all welcome to play on the court. The Summit Senior Bocce Club looks forward to offering lessons and working with teens and special needs children who also call the Summit Community Center their home. Eric McFerran, Chairman of the Bocce Club proudly said” this is a great day!” as he watched each timber being erected.

For information about the Summit Senior Bocce Club or other programs for Summit residents of all ages, check out or call 908-277-2932.