The teachers and students floor hockey game is an entertaining and exciting event that happens every single year at Franklin Elementary. Many people talk for days and make predictions of who might win before the event is held in the gym. Students and even sometimes teachers talk about the results years after the game was played. The winners can truly change the history of Franklin Elementary School. Time, sweat, and sacrifice is taken out of every player's life to run, play, and hopefully win.

Years ago, the 5th graders were very interested and excited about the teachers vs. students volleyball game. A student suggested to have teachers vs. students floor hockey game. Mrs. Burr, the physical education instructor who runs this event, loved the idea, and started the tradition. “ It was a perfect opportunity for the kids to have fun and enjoy the amazing game of floor hockey,” Mrs. Burr stated in an  interview.  “ It may be frustrating or sad, but at least everybody has a good time.”

The game takes place in the gym of Franklin Elementary school. The event is very popular and so many people come to watch. Everyone pays two dollars a ticket to watch this event after school hours. When people come to buy tickets during the school hours of lunch and recess, the rule is first come first served, which means that the first people who buy tickets, can get seats the first.

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Students that get chosen to play are the ones who have very good sportsmanship, cooperative skills, and show improvement and growth over time in the sport of floor hockey. Even the referee is a student. This year it was Rashab J. The students who play are chosen by the physical education instructor Mrs. Burr.

In the 2017 game, each team was extremely talented. The teachers had the early lead resulting in a four to nothing lead by halftime.  In the second half, the students nearly took over the game in a matter of minutes but the teachers held onto the lead. In the end, the teachers kept their streak going, winning the twelfth year in a row. Students and teachers left with smiles on their faces. Win or lose, everyone had a great time!

Nathan Yarnall is a Fourth Grader at Franklin Elementary School.