To the Editor:

This letter is to whomever it may concern and it should be noteworthy for us all.  Edgar Vant, Jr. and his lovely bride Adelaide are leaving town this month ... and I will miss them both.  I've only known Ed for less than two years when I called him upon reading of his retirement as President of the Summit Taxpayers Association.  It seemed a shame to me the STA organization, serving the interests of Summit Taxpayers since 1941, would close upon has departure.

I  met a modest and remarkable man, gifted not only with intellect honed at Harvard where he earned his MBA but in the Fine Arts with a love of music, art and culture.  I've spoken with Ed almost daily since we met.  We all need mentors who possess skills, interests and personal qualities which are perhaps different from our own and well
worth emulating.  I'll bet any of us who look up and down the block or in our places of work and worship know people like Ed.  They are all around us.  They are curious about stuff we don't know and sometimes don't even care about.  That's why when they are gone, stuff we never thought or even cared about begin no longer to work.  Ed and folks like him offer a kind of stability and nobility to our beautiful town.

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Summit is a special place to live and we should remember friends like Ed Vant Jr. who have quietly worked hard to make it so.

Ed and Adelaide will be moving in three weeks to Cedar Crest Village which is 27 miles north of Summit.  Because wonderful people come and go in the life of our town without proper notice, I wish to declare
while they are still here ... THANK YOU Ed and Adelaide Vant for all that you have done for me personally and for the beautiful City of Summit, New Jersey.  You will be greatly missed!

Thomas M. Garvey