On its surface, sorting through all the choices available today and picking the right flooring option for the right space seems a bit daunting.

But, thanks to Cove Carpet One Floor & Home and its unparalleled selection and team of professionals, making the right choice is simple.

To get you started, here is a primer designed to get you on your way to making informed and beautiful floor covering selections:

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- Warm and comfortable
- Helps with noise
- Wide selection and price options fits any budget and style parameters


- Warm, rich look and feel
- Long lasting and durable


- Affordable
- Easy to Install
- Easy to maintain and naturally water-resistant


- Wide selection of colors, patterns and size
- Easy maintenance and clean-up
- Well-suited for kitchens, bathrooms and other high-moisture areas


- Affordably mimic the look of wood, stone and even marble
- Highly durable
- Water-resistant and easy to maintain

Area Rugs

- Decreases noise
- Helps protect hard surfaces
- Adds warmth and comfort

Once you have made your choice(s) on which material to install in which specific space(s), there are options within each category -- for example carpet can be loop, pattern, frieze, plush or textured construction -- that are important considerations which can enhance the main reason you chose that surface for that space.

This is where the Cove Carpet One Floor & Home team excels. You have decided on Hardwood? Awesome choice - should you go with solid or engineered material? From a design standpoint, species, stain, plank size, gloss and edges are all considerations.

Finally, before you start, ask yourself five questions:

1, Is this product compatible with my / my family's lifestyle?

2. What are the additional costs, such as padding for carpet, if any?

3,. What are the product warranties and guarantees?

4. What is the installation process?

5. Are there samples available?