The Little Gym of Summit, NJ is rolling out a new approach to physical development, learning and fun for the 2011-2012 Season. Bob Greenberg, owner of the child-focused physical development center, encourages parents to register their children soon for the new Season that promises to deliver some "Serious Fun" in a positive, non-competitive environment.

Capitalizing on over 35 years of hands-on experience, a mountain of research, and thoughtful parental feedback, The Little Gym has developed a unique program structure designed to maximize the benefits of the already popular curriculum. At the heart of the enhanced curriculum are themed Learning Units that are both innovative and purposeful. Each multi-week Learning Unit focuses on developing specific physical, emotional, and life skills, creating a well-rounded learning experience.

"This 'Three-Dimensional Learning' approach makes it easy for parents to see the benefits that each Learning Unit delivers," said Greenberg. "Each multi-week Learning Unit is designed to produce specific 'outcomes' that make it easy for both parents and children to see and celebrate success."

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The three prongs of the new curriculum are Get Moving!, Brain Boost! and Citizen Kid!  In each area, children are challenged to master new physical, emotional and life skills.  For example:
·      Get Moving!

Fun, physical activity is at the core of The Little Gym's program, but as children burn that boundless energy, they are also building flexibility and strength, developing balance and coordination, and laying the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy activity by improving their agility, rhythm and overall fitness.

·      Brain Boost!

Integrated into the program of physical activity, Brain Boost fosters listening skills, sustained concentration and decision-making. These skills do wonders to prepare preschoolers for their future school experiences.  For children already in school, Brain Boost skills provide reinforcement and direction from a grown-up that is not the child’s parent or teacher.  Overall, this aspect of Three-Dimensional Learning nurtures problem-solving and creative expression for children of all ages.\

·      Citizen Kid!
With physical activity as the framework, children learn life skills like sharing, working in a group, listening and leadership – all valuable tools to help them grow into well-adjusted, well-rounded citizens of their world.

"At The Little Gym of Summit, NJ, we understand that parents trust us to provide a safe, nurturing environment where their children can learn new skills and build self-confidence," said Greenberg. "And while our new curriculum focuses on 'outcomes' that will help children grow and develop a lifetime of healthy habits, the most important outcome to us still is delivering a fun, non-competitive, high-energy experience for every child at The Little Gym."

For parents who enroll their children for the 2011-2012 season through November 4, 2011, participating The Little Gym locations are offering, while supplies last, a special $20 voucher to spend on photo books.  “The photo books will help parents preserve those special smiles that light up their children’s faces when they master a new skill or reach a goal,” said Greenberg

For more information about The Little Gym of Summit, NJ, please contact Bob Greenberg at 908-608-9400 or or visit

About The Little Gym

The Little Gym is an internationally recognized physical program that helps children build the developmental skills and confidence needed at each stage of childhood.

The very first location was established in 1976 by Robin Wes, an innovative educator with a genuine love for children.  The Little Gym International, Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., was formed in 1992 to franchise The Little Gym concept.   Today, The Little Gym International has more than 300 locations in 22 countries.  For more information, visit The Little Gym at