Recently The Alternative Press printed a story about The “E” Team, Summit’s fourth grade football team.  

One of our young boys has a mother who is a cancer survivor. He asked his mom if she thought I would let the team wear pink socks like the pros in their game to honor the fight against cancer. As the story read, three days later every single member of the “E” Team was wearing pink socks for our game. All the money raised from the sale of the socks went to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Fund.

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But wait, it gets better. The “Pink Socks” originally raised $555. Then one family which wishes to remain anonymous matched the original amount raised.  Then one of our terrific young men contributed $54, all the money he saved from his allowance. Then a second family offered to match the money raised. And so, the love of one wonderful young man for his mother has so far raised $2,275. I have to tell you, my eyes well up every time I tell this story and I want everyone to know how wonderful these kids and these families are.