Candidate Grosswald wrongly elevates two parties on Council over competent, responsive and issue-oriented Council members without regard to political party.  We have heard Mr. Grosswald's argument before. Mr. Grosswald overlooks the fact that Summit has no inner city-style political bosses.  Summit Republican municipal Chair Mary Ogden is a leader, but she is no Boss Tweed.

Current Council members are fiercely independent.  Rarely is there a unanimous vote in City Council on significant issues.

Last time there was an opposition party on Council, the opposition party, with the notable exception of Democrat Marion Glenn, generated little but distraction, pettiness, and bickering. Nobody complains today about those problems. Candidate Grosswald’s performance as a member of the public at the October 7 Council Meeting presages a return to that tone.

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Dr. Robert Rubino exemplifies a Council member who uses independent judgment to solve problems, and he deserves your vote.

Jim Bennett